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'Rookie Blue' 'Blink' recap: There's no going back

'Rookie Blue' season 5 premiere "Blink"
'Rookie Blue' season 5 premiere "Blink"
ABC/Caitlin Cronenberg, used with permission

The Thursday, June 19 season 5 premiere of "Rookie Blue," "Blink," sees 15 Division try to recover in the aftermath of last year's shootings, and it's a round of pain for too many of the officers. After her (surprise, Dov!) husband showed up, Chloe sends one guy on his way. Meanwhile, Andy has to be honest with Nick about her feelings for Sam.

"This morning, I was thinking, my life's pretty good. Nice boyfriend, no drama, just chugging along, no big deal. Walk in the park. Literally, I was walking in the park with Chloe, and I blinked." – Andy

"Rookie Blue" is one of those shows that doesn't really seem to get the recognition it deserves, at least not when it first premiered. It may not be one of those series that will have everyone constantly talking and in a state of shock in the months between seasons – there never did seem to be a real question of whether Sam would live, for example – but it is consistent and one of those series that, if you sit down to watch it each week, provides you with a solid hour of entertaining drama.

If "Blink" does nothing else, it shows that there's no escaping life and pain for 15 Division. They don't get time to slow down and even breathe, let alone think about the possibility that their friends might not survive because they're always on the job, like we see with Andy and Dov, and when they do take that time, they don't know how to deal, leading to what we see with Gail. Taking a moment to stop and discuss their personal lives has to wait because the job finds a way of always coming first.

Ready to get into what happened in "Blink"? Keep reading for the recap.

No escaping the job With Chloe asking to see Wes (and his bear), Frank sends Andy and Dov (and his roses) down the street to a diner for some grilled cheese and Irish floats, and Andy is determined to not be a cop for once, which means not getting involved when a couple is clearly "high as bananas" just by their food order alone. However, just as they're going to leave, the girl pulls out a gun, and no one's going anywhere until the couple gets what's in the diner's safe – which is on a timer that won't open for another hour.

Andy has no problem handing over her earrings (they're fake, to Dov's surprise, since she always wears them), because their main concern is the couple seeing their badges. They don't, not until the girl decides to check the bag because of a phone ringing, and by that point, things have already gotten out of control. The diner's owner is on the ground, bleeding from the head, Andy and Dov are trying to unsuccessfully pull the safe from the wall and it just gets worse when the waitress shoots one of the robbers, and he dies.

There was no choice After asking to see Wes first, Chloe spends "Blink" leaving messages for Dov and getting a visit from Oliver, who joins in the "leave messages to tell Dov to get here ASAP." "Everything is complicated," he argues when Chloe tries to tell him that it's not exactly an easy situation. (Though the best message has to include Oliver singing Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name" to Dov.) Chloe goes into cardiac arrest at just the right time for Dov to run back to the hospital and watch her die for a few moments.

When she wakes up, he tells her that all that matters is she's okay, but she has some good news for him: "It was always you." She just wanted to send Wes on his way before seeing him. They just want to be together, and once that's established, why not have some light-hearted conversation about how she had a small heart attack and died for a couple of minutes?

No more wasting time What do you do for the guy who took a bullet for you? That's what Jarvis wonders, and the answer is track down his next of kin. Nick brings Sam's sister to the hospital, and while she thinks about leaving, he does get her to stay. However, that just makes it all the more heartbreaking when Andy confesses to him that she told Sam she still loves him – and she does.

Even as Andy told Dov earlier in the episode that she and Nick are "great" and she's "happy," she also confessed, "It's just – I don't know, Dov, okay? I'm sitting there and I'm watching Sam bleed, okay, and I'm slammed right back into how I used to feel. I'm in the ambulance, and I can't help but feel like if he dies, then I will too, so yes, I said I love you." So when Sam wakes up at the end of the episode, Andy is right by his side. "It's really good to see you," he tells her. "I don't want to waste any more time, and I don't want to be sad anymore." Neither does she, and that's how we leave them (for now).

Changes are a-coming for 15 Division Inspector Jarvis comes in to 15 Division in the middle of the chaos and basically just takes over – and he doesn’t like what he sees. Sure, it's not a normal night, but that doesn't matter. They're either going to look like a bunch of heroes or a bunch of screw-ups, and while the former is true, it's all too easy to see it as the latter. Frank knows what he's after, and he hands over his badge, but that may just be the beginning.

The impact of the job on family Traci has enough on her plate – taking witness statements and trying to track down the MIA Nick – when Leo shows up because she was supposed to pick him up hours ago. It just gets worse when Dex shows up at the station because their son called him. Dex tells her he's calling his lawyer because Leo is better off with him and she knows it, and to make it worse, this is in front of Jarvis, who's just looking for reasons to hate on 15 Division.

Fortunately, Traci has Steve by her side, and he's not going anywhere. "You don't want this," she tries to tell him. "This is a mess." But he knows what he wants, and he wants her and everything that comes with that – which means that as soon as she walks way, he's having someone do a background check on Dex.

It doesn't have to be a fairytale to be beautiful Meanwhile, Gail decides to deal with everything with a bottle of alcohol and a pair of scissors. She figures her coming out will "spread like herpes" and she doesn't know if her friends are going to live, so she decides to rewind and start over – by cutting off her hair: the inches from the academy, first six months on the job, Chris, Jerry dying, and round 2 with Nick. "I'm going back to the beginning," she explains to Holly. "I'm rewinding everything."

However, she quickly realizes what she did. "I'm freaking out a little bit, aren't I?" She asks. Holly then gets to doing what she can to make their "still kind of beautiful" but "not exactly a fairytale" situation a bit better, fixing her hair and making Gail laugh by turning on the shower as they stand there fully-clothed.

"Rookie Blue" season 5 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. What did you think of the premiere "Blink"?

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