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'Rookie Blue' 'All by Her Selfie' recap: Taking time

'Rookie Blue' season 5 episode 2 "All by Her Selfie"
'Rookie Blue' season 5 episode 2 "All by Her Selfie"
ABC/Ken Woroner, used with permission

The second Thursday, June 19 episode of "Rookie Blue," 5x02, "All by Her Selfie," sees Andy get her very own rookie to train as Oliver steps into an empty position at 15 Division. Meanwhile, Sarah has some advice for Andy, Dov gets an explanation from Chloe about her marriage and a case may derail Traci's plans.

"I'm not a white shirt. I'm a street cop. I'm one of the boys. That's something that I love about myself." "Everybody likes that about you. That's why you're my guy."

Honestly, this is not "Rookie Blue" at its best. Too much of the episode seems to be devoted to Duncan Moore and everything he does wrong, and it just doesn't make him a very likeable character. Yes, you have to establish a new character, but the way they did that with Inspector Jarvis in the premiere was a better way to do so than they do here. Plus, such a big deal is made out of Duncan's stepfather being the Commissioner, his insistence that he's there on his own merit and Jarvis checking in on him at the end, that it better go somewhere. We expect that to end up being a major part of the season.

What the show gets right in this episode is Dov and Chloe. Sure, they were in a good place at the end of the premiere, but it wasn't just an instant fix. Dov still wants an explanation for her marriage, and he gets it. "All by Her Selfie" also gets Traci balancing work and motherhood right, especially after her problems in the premiere. Now is not the time to be breaking promises and missing out on things she told Leo she'd be there for, because the last thing she needs is her son calling his father again.

Ready to get into what happened in "All by Her Selfie"? Keep reading for the recap.

Maybe drunk decisions aren’t the best decisions Jarvis decides that the right time to inform someone of a promotion is at a bar, in the middle of a game of ping-pong, so that's when he pulls Oliver aside to tell him he's the new Staff Sergeant. That means someone else has to train the new rookie coming to 15 Division, and a late night drunken visit with Sam makes Andy believe she's the perfect person for the job and she sells Duncan on it with the declaration she'll make him a "super-cop."

Unfortunately, Andy first meeting him when he's picking up everything that spilled out of his bag is just a sign of things to come. Pretty much everything he does is wrong after that. His first instinct if someone pulls a knife on him is to shoot, or at least that's what he tells Andy before agreeing that he'd try to talk to the person. (What he says he'd say, however, just makes it worse.) The first crime scene they work seems to just be a homeless guy getting out of the cold in a pawn shop, but just as Duncan lets the guy go because he doesn't have anything on him, Andy finds the shop owner dead in the basement.

Fortunately, he's not their killer, but he does provide them with some very useful information: the shop owner was a cheat. He'd buy something for a few dollars and then sell it for a lot more. While Chris and Dov go through the shop's most recent customers, Andy and Duncan go to deliver the news to the owner's wife – and that's when Duncan makes his biggest mistake as he insists on being the one to tell her because he practiced it a lot in the academy.

Andy really should say no and force him to stay in the car when he keeps coughing because of the peanuts he has to have to "fuel up," but instead, Duncan powers on and tells the owner's wife that her husband's dead by explaining it's his first death notification. It just keeps getting worse when he keeps coughing and his phone keeps going off when Andy's trying to talk to her in the house. Of course the wife wants to file a complaint after that.

Back at the station, the killer's prints on the golf club are covered by Duncan's (which he explains by saying he's a golfer, and that's what golfers do: pick up golf clubs). Chris and Dov get a lead from the last customer on record, Megan, who tells them about a guy who was angry the owner sold his ring even though he had returned before the contract day. So, they have a lead, and at the end of the day, Chris may have a date because she leaves him her number.

Andy's quickly failing as a training officer, and saying Duncan's "new" and "learning" isn't an excuse. "He's your rookie," Oliver tells her and reminds her of how he trained her. To make it worse, Duncan's stepfather is the Commissioner, and it's going to be like dominoes if he fails. Duncan doesn't think that was relevant information to tell Andy, another check in the "things he did wrong" column.

While Andy and Duncan return to the victim's wife to apologize, Dov and Gail track down the ring's owner: Ray Spencer. And hey, what do you know? He happens to be at the shop owner's house, looking for his ring, when Duncan enters by himself to apologize. Andy shows up in time to talk Ray down and keep Duncan from making his first day on the job even worse, and in the end, Ray surrenders the sword he picked up, they cuff him and his father's getting his ring back.

Sisterly advice Sarah tries to bring up the subject of their father while Sam recovers in the hospital, but that goes about as well as Duncan's first day. However, Andy seems to be a bit more receptive to what Sarah has to say. When she drops Sam's sister off at the train station, Sarah offers her some advice: "Sam will never change. He's my brother, and I love him, and I know he's reinvented himself, and he's saving lives, rescuing puppies, whatever, but eventually, life will throw you a pile of lemons, and when that day comes, there's no lemonade, not with Sam. He'll just keep hurting you, so be careful." After that, Andy texts Sam that she needs time, and he replies, "I'm not going anywhere."

Like a movie After a "too soon" joke about marriage, Dov and Chloe do have a serious talk about the fact that she lied to him. Not telling someone you're married is a big secret, and it's one that needs more than just cute movie references in the explanation. You see, the normally "fun, modern-day indie flick" Chloe was a "dark, depressing period movie, before the Suffrage movement" Chloe with Wes. He was jealous and possessive, and she let herself be controlled, and because that embarrassed her, she didn't tell Dov. "Shut up and kiss me before I die," she tells him, and he does, and it looks like they're at least headed in a good direction.

Keep saying it enough times… Traci's mantra of the day is "eight hour work day," and she gets off to a pretty good start on making that a reality when Steve offers to take some of her workload since he's so good, he's finished with his own. Really, Steve is being such a good guy right now that he'll probably have some deep, dark secret that's revealed later (because that's how TV, especially a TV drama, works), but for now, it's really nice to see Traci have him in his life.

Traci's plans are almost ruined because of Andy and Duncan, but in the end, she doesn't have to break any more promises. She's out of work in time to get Leo to hockey, and after what happened with her son and her ex in the premiere, it's like a big sigh of relief for Traci.

"You're part of a family now, rookie, I'm sure you know what that means. …We do not have to like you, we don't have to be nice to you, and we can make fun of you whenever we want because when it really comes down to it, we'll always have your back."

"Rookie Blue" season 5 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. What did you think of episode 2 "All by Her Selfie"?

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