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'Rookie Blue' 5x05 'Going Under': Right place, wrong dealer

Dov: "I got a great life. How many guys get to drive around all day listening to their partners talk about his cycles?"
Dov: "I got a great life. How many guys get to drive around all day listening to their partners talk about his cycles?"
Photo Courtesy of Ken Woroner/ABC

Nick: “Somewhere in McNally land there is a stone tablet that says it’s your fault.”

Andy: “It’s not a stone tablet. It may or may not be stenciled on a t-shirt.”

Going Under” is the July 10 episode of “Rookie Blue." Warning: this article contains spoilers. "Rookie Blue” airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. CT on ABC.

Chris’ drug issue catches up with him in a big way. While undercover, he runs into his dealer. There is definitely some suspense watching Chris try to handle this whole situation. I’m glad Dov is suspicious because Dov is not only a cop, but Chris’ best friend. I couldn't really tell if Chris was partially jumpy and agitated because of the drugs or because Jamie, his dealer, was close to exposing him. We need to see a little more of the effects of Chris doing drugs. Aside from getting really angry, Chris seems normal. When do you think Chris’ problem will be exposed? I’m betting it comes out during Duncan’s lawyer’s investigation.

McSwarek is off on their own solving a very boring missing person’s case. There isn't any excitement in the case until the very end when Bryan, the missing person, is found in the trunk of a car. I would have rather had more time focusing on Gail or the undercover operation instead of watching this case. We don’t actually get much of a set up for the next episode where we investigate his murder. The most interesting thing McSwarek uncovers is the same car being listed for sale. Did you enjoy this case?

Instead of a case, we could have focused more on the Duncan situation. The conversation between Sam and Andy about this is great. Sam opens up and talks about how everyone gets a complaint filed against them. It is nice to hear Sam tell a story from his past, and aside from Oliver and a brief chat with Nick, no one really discusses the Duncan situation with Andy. The writers could have had a couple other people try to offer advice to her or maybe just asked Andy how she is doing. Personally, I was happy to see Nick and Andy interacting again.

Chloe interacts with someone other than Nick and Dov! Rejoice! We see her with Chloe and Oliver, and it is great. Chloe and Gail are an interesting combination. Oliver is one of my absolute favorite characters. I love when he chats with anyone and gives them his advice. Oliver and Gail have a nice chat in this episode. I’m so happy we get to see the aftermath of last week’s case on Gail. She had my favorite storyline of the episode. The fact that she is buying things and giving them to people is fantastic and very un-Gail.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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