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'Rookie Blue' 5x04 'Wanting': Having what it takes

Chloe: "I need some intel on the DL, and I think you are the man for the job."
Chloe: "I need some intel on the DL, and I think you are the man for the job."
Photo Courtesy of Ken Woroner/ABC

Chloe: “Is it just me or is all of this badass testosterone totally hot?”

Nick: “Just you.”

“Wanting” is the July 3 episode of “Rookie Blue." Warning: this article contains spoilers. "Rookie Blue” airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. CT on ABC.

Duncan has been struggling a lot during his time as a rookie. He can’t quite seem to grasp how to treat kids and just can’t catch on. This continues in this episode. What I've been waiting for is for someone else to chat up Duncan and maybe help him and Andy out a bit. We haven’t really gotten that aside from Andy chatting with Oliver and Sam in this episode. It would have been great to see Duncan hanging out with the other members of 15 Division, and maybe even people just offering him advice or asking how things are going.

Nick and Chloe’s friendship is adorable. It’s my absolute favorite part of the episode. Nick doesn't seem like the person to get in the middle of everyone’s business, and yet that is what Chloe wants him to do. The combination of Chloe over sharing and Nick attempting to get answers from Dov who doesn't over share is perfection. There should be more of Nick and Chloe, or even more awkward chats between Nick and Dov.

Alright, I’m missing the McSwarek spark. I have loved them since day one, but I keep getting bored when they come on screen. There is some sort of flirting, but we have done the friends thing before. It’s nothing new. There’s not much of a spark. Andy and Sam are in their routine, which does not make anything really exciting. What are your thoughts?

We don’t really see Gail dealing with her break up. Of course, Chris doesn't really help on that front. He doesn't quite know what he should say. I know Gail isn't the most open person in the world, but we should have seen a little more from her. Dov talked to her about Gail in the last episode, so it wouldn't have been weird for him to talk her in about Holly in this episode. Either have him learn about the break up or ask how she is doing. This could have been a brief scene in the squad room.

What did you think of the episode? Is anyone else wanting to punch Chris in the face? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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