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'Rookie Blue' 5x03 'Heart Breakers, Money Makers': Operation competition

Sam: "I don't rust. I've just never interrogated someone who only wanted pants."
Sam: "I don't rust. I've just never interrogated someone who only wanted pants."
Photo Courtesy Of Caitlin Cronenberg/ABC

Gail: “I bet it's a severed head.”

Dov: “Why would there be a severed head in a safe, Gail?”

Gail: “Where else would you keep it?”

“Heart Breakers, Money Makers” is the June 26 episode of “Rookie Blue," which was directed by Gregory Smith. Warning: this article contains spoilers. "Rookie Blue” airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. CT on ABC.

Operation Accountability involves all the precincts in the city going out and taking back items that were purchased with dirty money. It’s a competition, and when Dov and Wes run into each other, the competition heats up. I like that even Gail gets into the rivalry a bit. This is a good way to bring Wes back into the mix because outside of the hospital, it was hard to imagine how he would run into Dov again. Maybe now there can be some police taskforce or something where Wes and Dov can go at it again.

We don't actually see much of Operation Accountability. Peckstein finds a card fraud ring, and Andy is wrapped up in the mystery of Gino. Peckstein’s side project is at least interesting. The drama of Gino is not that fun once Duncan goes away. It’s hard to be bored when McSwarek is on screen, but it happened. The writers should have cut the Gino storyline short. Maybe we could have seen another Operation Accountability scene instead or anything else, really. Did you enjoy the Gino mystery?

Peckstein are back in action, and they even stop to chat feelings for a bit. It’s great to see Gail open up to Dov about how Holly makes her feel. Dov and Gail have one of my favorite friendships on the show, and so I love that Dov is the one who Gail opens up to. Hearing Gail talk about Holly is cute and adorable, and then it gets ripped to shreds by the end when Holly’s friend speaks. This is a great move by the writers to make the whole experience more heartbreaking. They love our pain.

I never thought that the idea of Gail not being good enough would be an issue in Holly and Gail’s relationship. She’s Gail Peck, and she has always been a step above all the other cops, sort of, because of her family. It’s definitely causes you to think about whether Holly’s friend’s words have any merit. They don’t, FYI, Gail is a catch. Still, I liked that when Holly’s friend said this, it makes you think. It’s an unexpected complication. I don't like it though. Holly and Gail are adorable.

Chris confesses to Chloe that he misses being a rookie. Okay, I understand that, but it doesn't really make sense to have this confession happen while prepping for Fite Nite. Yeah, planning an event can be stressful, but how does it relate to being a rookie? If it is because of the responsibility, I would rather have seen this confession after Chris messes up on a case or something. To me, that makes more sense because if Chris was a rookie, then his TO would take the responsibility for Chris’ screw up. What are your thoughts on this?

What did you think of the episode? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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