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Roof Construction

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All business complexes, industrial complexes, single family dwellings or multifamily dwellings are built with some type or design of roof to protect the items and people who will occupy that structure.

A contractor will usually construct a family dwelling roof of wooden rafters, wooden sheathing, tar paper, and finish the roof with slate, wooden shingles, tile, metal, or the basic type composition shingle.

A flat roof ais usually chosen for industrial buildings, business complexes, and sometimes apartment complexes so the roof can support heavy airconditioning equipment and because it is safer for personnel to preform service to the airconditioning equipment on a flat roof.

When a contractor constructs a roof he has many designs or styles to choose from when he thinks about what kind of design or style to use on the structure the contractor is building.

Major roof construction designs or styles include pitched, hip, flat, shed, butterfly, lantern, arch, modern mansard, mansard, andgambrel.

Lantern, gambrel, shed, and arch designs or styles are usually chosen for barns or storage but in the 20th century you never know what to expect to see for a roof on a structure.

In today’s world some homes are being built with metal framing, metal rafters, metal sheathing, and metal roofing to give the home a higher wind rating against tornado winds and hurricane wind damage.

So the next time you consider buying a home or business you may want to consider the design or style of roof that is on the structure, what kind of material was used to construct the roof , and will it stand up against tornado winds and hurricane wind damage to protect the items or people inside.