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Ronnie Wood sells nude portrait of his wife for £200,000

Instead of painting portraits of his aging bandmates on tour, Wood has just brushed a delicate full-frontal nude painting of young wife.
Getty Images 2014

By Paul Fitzgerald

Do you have lots of money kicking around?

Well if you do and you want to have an artistic body view of Sally Humphreys, 36, then call on Ronnie Wood, the notable rocker who has spent most of his musical career with the Rolling Stones.

Wood, 66, married Humphreys in December 2012.

Instead of painting portraits of his aging bandmates on tour, he has just brushed a delicate full-frontal nude painting of his young wife.

Humphreys, an attractive dark-haired woman, is revealed posing seductively on her knees and lifting her arms above her head.

Wood is one of the most notable guitarists in the world, and he also has an amazing talent for painting.

When reached for an interview on the phone, he stated, “When I get inspired, I get almost possessed and I just have to paint. There is no kind of therapy like the one you have from starting and seeing a picture through to the end.”

He adds, “I get the musical mode when I’m on tour - I might do a few sketches - but I’m mainly concentrating on the music. Then when the tour’s over I can relax and I then find myself getting the brush out. Music and art is very relaxing to me.”

The painting of his wife comes with a whopping £200,000 price tag and right now is on secure display at the Castle Fine Art gallery in London’s Mayfair, where Wood is artist-in-residence.

The 66-year-old musician trained as an artist before joining the Rolling Stones in 1975, when he replaced guitarist Mick Taylor in the band.

He studied at Ealing College of Art in London and when he was 14, his music teacher paid him a few pounds for a snow scene.

He has since received much widespread critical acclaim for his paintings, which mostly include images of his friends - Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts .

He religiously listens to Mozart while working at his easel.

Prices for Wood’s artwork range from around £1,500 for a signed limited edition print up to around £300,000, which the star charged for a recent portrait of the Rolling Stones.

It was in 2008 that Wood painted a female nude who was believed to be 19-yearold Kazakhstan-born cocktail waitress Ekaterina Ivanova with whom he had an affair while he was married to his ex-wife Jo.

He sold the picture for £8,000 in Gallery Number One in Dublin - 20 miles from the house in County Kildare to which Wood fled with the teenager.

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