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Ronnie Stewart, only PA rider to earn points at only PA National

Glen C Hoffman

Out of the 66 total 450 class entrants at High Point Raceway on June 14, 2014, the only PA round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, only 7 of them reside in PA with only one of them earning points. That rider was none other than the "Candy Man" Ronnie Stewart from Team Dirt Candy graphics.

How did Ronnie Stewart get to 18th after a start like this?  Truely amazing!
Glen C Hoffman

We all know by now that James Stewart won both motos at High Point that Saturday and that news recently broke that he had tested positive on a World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) drug test from back at the Seattle Supercross in April. But want we don't know yet is if he will be cleared of any wrong doing once he has a fair hearing and all the facts are presented. However, we do know that he will be racing this Saturady in Tennessee. For more on that click here. But want about Ronnie Stewart? How is he going to do at the Muddy Creek National in Blountville, TN this Saturday?

The only concern for Ronnie is if he's back to 100% after not racing moto 2 at High Point two weeks ago due to food poisoning. Racing with food poisoning makes his first moto at the notorious Mt. Morris, PA track much more incredible then it already was. How did he even finish on that grueling track let alone earn 3 point after crossing the finish line in 18th? What a true testament to his desire and will to giving it his all and never giving up.

After all Ronnie Stewart got a bad start in moto 1 which came after qualifying 20 in the morning time practice sessions. To top it off those practice sessions were like riding on a totally different track due to wet and rutted conditions. Each time Ronnie and the other competitors got on the track it was better than the time before. Heck the top 5 riders in the 450 class didn't even start to hit the big "hip jump" in the middle of the track until several laps into moto 2. That there tells you just how sick and dehydrated Ronnie must have been because he missed out on racing Hight Point when it was in the best condition of the entire day. Well that's if you don't count the huge ruts left in the technical off camber turns all around the track.

Between motos the track crew fixed the ruts in and around the start, up the faces of the big jumps and around some of the corners where they thought there were safety concerns. However they still wanted this track to be challenging so they left the multiple lines in the off camber turns to keep rider searching for a faster way around. This made the second moto of the 450 class one of the best and tightest races of the season so far.

If you are heading to round 5 be sure to cheer for the 606 of Ronnie Stewart because he is one PA rider who is racing the entire series and enjoys the support of his local fans. But if you are staying in PA this Saturday be sure to watch the Muddy Creek Pro race in Blountville, TN on TV. You can find all the times and channels by clicking here.