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RondoNumbaNine faces murder charges; rapper, 17, held on $2 million bail


Chicago rapper RondoNumbaNine is facing murder charges on Monday. Born Clint Massey, the rapper has been arrested and is currently being held on $2 million dollars bail in Chicago after being charged with murder on Sunday in connection to the shooting of a cab driver in February. According to MTV News on Monday, the 17-year-old is one of two individuals the police allege was involved in the murder. The collected evidence seems overwhelming as there are fingerprints, video and eye witnesses.

The alleged incident happened in February with a taxi cab driver being showered with bullets. According to the Chicago Tribune the man was shot seven times in his vehicle before being taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead. The police suggest there were two individuals at the scene and witnesses have said the rapper was seen firing bullets into the taxi. So far there is no connection between the men and people are suggesting the shooting was unprovoked.

Chicago has been dealing with gang violence and has had national attention on situations involving murders, however this is the first time a rapper has been involved in 2014. While rapper RondoNumbaNine had not hit the national circuit with his music, he definitely was popular online and his music on YouTube seemed to gradually climb in views.

Will RondoNumbaNine be back in the music any time soon? That is quite unlikely as the unsigned artist has found himself in a bit of a criminal issue that will need to be sorted out first.