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Ronda, Spain: A Magical Wine Destination

Bodega Kieninger
Sue Richter

Ronda, Spain is not a well visited destination for those that live on this side of the great pond. It's a beautiful mountaneous location in southern Spain that serves up fine wine. The location is filled with history and beauty. The drive is hair raising if you are prone to fear of heights, but the views are spectacular.

The history of Ronda dates back to the tenth century when the Moors lived in this mountain region in order to protect themselves from their enemies. It was a strategic location with sheer cliffs on one side and valleys below. Later in the 16th century the Spanish took over the location. There are beautiful archtectural structures to visit and historical sites to see, including a bullfighting arena.

Today, one of Spain's award-winning wineries is located here, Bodega Kieninger. They have both a vineyard outside of Ronda and an urban winery located on the coner between Calle Lorenzo Borego and Calle Sevilla. Their Cabernet Franc is very good along with their Chardonnay. They also offer Merlot, Cabernet Sauvigon and a Pinot Noir.

There are many good restaurants and shopping as well that will keep you entertained all day. Start out early and either spend the night or head back down the mountain before dark. The drive from Malaga is about two hours. It's best to use a GPS device as many of the roads do not have signs and the many round abouts will throw you off track.

Getting to Malaga is not as hard as it used to be with many direct flights from San Diego to London. Connecting flights to Spain are ample and there is a large international airport in Malaga. However, I highly recommend not renting from Avis in Malaga as they have had complaints. There are other options for renting vehicles or there are tours to consider.

Ronda is a fabulous outskirt to discover on your next trip to Spain.

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