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Ronda Rousey takes jab at Miesha Tate saying Gina Carano is her toughest fight

According to an Aug. 7 post from Bleacher Report, UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey took a veiled jab at Miesha Tate by saying former Strikeforce contender Gina Carano is her toughest potential challenger. Rousey, 27, says Carano has one-punch knockout power. She's afraid Carano might be a bad stylistic matchup for her because the Haywire star has superb timing with her punches.

Ronda Rousey took a jab at Miesha Tate by saying Gina Carano is her toughest challenge
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Here's the thing: Rousey is a smart business woman. She probably knows in her heart of hearts that Carano isn't the toughest challenge she'll ever face. However, she also knows whatever she says will make the headlines, so it's best for business to drum up support for a fight with Carano. The UFC has been trying to sign Carano for several months now, and a deal may be close. The fact of the matter is that Rousey vs. Carano might be one of the biggest squash matches in UFC history.

Carano, 32, hasn't competed in over five years, with her last victory via doctor stoppage coming in 2008. The reality is that Carano vs. Rousey might be a match left to the imagination. Fight fans might be genuinely interested in seeing the former face of women's MMA take on the current face, but the actual fight might not live up to the hype. It would most likely be a quick finish for Rousey. Sure it's true that Carano opened her MMA career with two-straight knockout finishes, but she only notched one stoppage in her next five wins.

Carano may very well have one-punch knockout power, but that's just another way of saying she has a puncher's chance at winning the fight. It's true: Carano does have the chance to land a lucky punch on Rousey, that could send her into La La Land if it connects on the right spot. Unfortunately for Rousey, not many fight fans are going to buy her argument that Carano is the toughest test for her. Anyone who has watched MMA over the past decade knows Tate is a far more technical striker and wrestler than Carano was or will ever be.

It seems clear that Rousey was just tweaking her former rival. Rousey obviously isn't done throwing verbal jabs at Tate, even though the two appeared to have put their real-life feud behind them. Even though Rousey didn't specifically mention Tate's name when commenting about Carano, it's clear she meant to throw a little verbal pipe bomb in Tate's direction. No word yet on when Rousey's next UFC fight will be. As for Tate, she's set to fight Rin Nakai next month at a UFC Fight Night event.

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