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Ronda Rousey likely to appear at WWE SummerSlam

According to a May 29 report from Rant Sports, UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey is likely to make a cameo at WWE SummerSlam. The event is set for Aug. 17 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, which just so happens to be fairly close to where Rousey lives.

Ronda Rousey may appear at WWE Summerslam
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Will Rousey's SummerSlam booking actually happen? No one knows for sure, but it seems likely because it would be a major win for all parties involved. The UFC would get something out of it, as would the WWE and even Rousey herself. The UFC's pay-per-view sales have been on the decline since Brock Lesnar left the promotion three years ago, so the promotion could use a little boost by marketing to the WWE's customer base with an appearance by Rousey at SummerSlam.

As for the WWE, the promotion needs to sell thousands more subscriptions to the WWE Network in order to turn a profit on the effort. Most of the 650,000 subscribers currently signed up for the service are diehard wrestling fans, but the next 600,000 are going to be tough sells. The WWE would be smart to reel in some of the UFC's fans by bringing Rousey and the Four Horsewomen on board for SummerSlam.

Rousey, 27, would also benefit from the partnership between the WWE and UFC. She regularly tweets pictures of herself with her Four Horsewomen stablemates, soaking in WWE events such as Royal Rumble and Monday Night Raw. Rousey admits being a huge WWE fan, and a big supporter of CM Punk.

Additionally, Rousey regularly performs pro wrestling techniques with UFC bantamweight contender Shayna Baszler, at their MMA training gym. A little cross-promotion between the UFC and WWE would be beneficial to both companies, so there's a good chance Rousey's SummerSlam appearance will happen.

The only thing that might prevent it would be UFC President Dana White getting worried about her getting injured. As long as Rousey makes a quick cameo on the mic and doesn't do any actual wrestling, there's no reason why he should be concerned. Perhaps Rousey could walk out to the ring, provide some wise words to the fans on hand and then possibly armbar whoever the WWE Divas champ is.

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