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Ronda Rousey beats Sara McMann by TKO at UFC 170; fans disappointed by stoppage

Ronda Rousey elbows Sara McMann.
Ronda Rousey elbows Sara McMann.

UFC 170 featured a championship match between two Olympians: Riverside County’s Ronda Rousey, a bronze medalist in judo, and Sara McMann, a silver medalist in wrestling. UFC fans looked forward to the match between the two Olympic medalists, but many people were disappointed by the fight. Some people believed that the fight was stopped prematurely by referee Herb Dean, who awarded Rousey a TKO victory just 66 seconds into the fight. The crowd in Las Vegas expressed its disappointment by booing when Rousey was announced the winner.

In the beginning of the fight, McMann landed some punches to Rousey’s face, but Rousey managed to clinch with McMann and push her against the cage. From that position, Rousey punished McMann with strikes, one of them a knee to the body that dropped McMann, and Dean suddenly stopped the fight.

In the main event of UFC 169, Dean was criticized for stopping the fight too soon, and UFC fans again complained about him at UFC 170. Before fighting McMann, Rousey had a perfect 8-0 record with eight armbar finishes. At UFC 170, fans of Rousey missed out on another armbar finish, and fans of McMann thought their fighter should have been given more time to recover. McMann, however, was not as critical of the stoppage.

In the post-fight interview, McMann said, “I was trying to get back up, but it’s my own fault…I should have gotten back to my feet quicker.”

Rousey, who has been getting acting roles in Hollywood, may not fight much longer in MMA. Many are hoping for Cris “Cyborg” Justino to challenge Rousey before Rousey leaves MMA. If the UFC sets up a fight between Rousey and “Cyborg,” fans will surely be excited for women's MMA once again. Hopefully, the fans will not be disappointed like they were at UFC 170.