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Ronald Stan found: Ronald now Jeffery, found after missing in fire 37-years ago

The year was 1977 and a 32-year-old man perished after a barn fire in Ontario, but Ronald Stan’s body was never found and today authorities know why. That's because he never died. Nine years later his family had him declared legally dead and they have now lived without Stan for the last 37 years, according to Mail Online on Aug. 25.

Ronald Stan found after he went missing some 37 years ago when disco was in full swing!
Saturday Night Live movie

That is a long time to be away from the people you call family. When he went missing, disco was roaring in the nightclubs. John Travolta was just a disco dancing kid and the only one with a cell phone was the spy on "Get Smart." His phone was in his shoe. As far as computers go they were a few decades away from being a household item. The closest thing to a home computer was a typewriter. He was gone a long time!

The mysterious disappearance of Stan started when he was nowhere to be found after a blaze took a barn down to the ground. The mystery took a turn last month when he was found alive and well at 69. He was living under an assumed name in the U.S. state of Oklahoma, reports MSN News Ca.

Authorities have confirmed that Jeffrey Walton and Ronald Stan are one in the same men. The reason he stayed away and opted to remain missing is known to the police, who will not release that information to the media.

The Huffington Post reports that police found Stan after a routine audit of the case led them to Oklahoma, where he was living under a new name. The police are leaving the public with very little information as to the reasons behind Stan's decision almost four decades ago to turn his back on his family and get out of town.

Stan left behind family 37 years ago and authorities have contacted them. The Canadian authorities will not charge Stan with any crime from this disappearing act that he did almost four decades ago.

Constable Laurie Houghton told the media that Stan’s family in Ontario has been notified that he is alive and they have also been told where he is living today. Houghton wouldn’t comment on whether or not they were independently investigating.

Public records have Jeffery Walton living in Park Hill, Oklahoma. What prompted this man to walk away from life as he knew it and move on with a new name? To leave family behind and letting them believe you are dead is a pretty harsh thing to do to the ones you love. If very well could be that Stan had his reasons.

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