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Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan
photo by Getty Images

Today, our nation reflects upon the life of former President Ronald Reagan. This Sunday, February 6th, would have been President Reagan's 100th birthday. In the past 30 years, there has been no comparable figure in the White House. President Reagan held a level of respect both within our country and across the world that may never again be held by a United States President. Upon his inauguration, prisoners of war were released for fear of the military strength that would be implemented by the new President. That stands in stark contrast to a world of enemies so bold that they would attack us at home.

President Ronald Reagan was unapologetic in his hard stands against our National deficit, the preservation of moral values and religious liberty, and his fierce stance against abortion. There were many in the press who attacked the President, and yet this hard-lined conservative drew so many liberal voters that the term "Reagan Democrat" was created. It seems strange that this inspired and motivating leader attracted more of our nation by standing firm than all of those who seek to comprimise every possible stand in order to obtain every possible vote.

Many who were alive during his Presidency recall a reassuring presence as Ronald Reagan addressed the nation. Many miss the feeling that we could believe in our leader. There may never again be a leader so able to bring the Nation together through strength, faith, and a refusal to compromise. The very idea of American Sovereignty is now mocked by those who were entrusted to preserve it. There is a push toward globalism and socialism that was held at bay because of the strength and passion of the last truly great leader this nation may ever know.

May we, today, believe that a commitment to goodness, faith, and strength of character can lead to a better and stronger tomorrow. This, in the end, was the cornerstone of a man, a leader, and a Christian who will be dearly missed by millions. The legacy of our faith and our freedom is passed from generation to generation. It is so rare and beautiful to find someone whose rise to power stays straight on the path upon which God's blesing has directed them. Let it never be said that the passing of this great American hero was the passing of America itself.