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Ron Paul vs the machine

At 76 years old Ron Paul is in the fight of his life. Many a younger man would have already packed up and went home the way he is being treated by the establishment hit men. You know the players but you may not have known that for years they have been steering the ship in any direction they choose. The media elite make Presidents. The way they have been manipulating and flat out lying in some cases lately says it all. The people are waking up and the establishment is very afraid of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is not a racist. There was no signature on newsletters brought up from twenty years ago. So why does the media keep bringing it up over and over again, drilling it into your mind? Isn’t it funny how they all spew the same talking points? If I didn’t know any better I would say they all broadcast from the same studio. The video you are about to see is from a man who can testify to Ron Paul’s compassion. He wasn’t asked by the campaign to do it. He volunteered.

Another thing the establishment attacks Ron Paul on is his foreign policy belief. Yet it wasn’t too long ago when the GOP used this very same foreign policy belief to win the election in 2000. The establishment knows you forget what happened just 3 months ago. There is no way you would remember twelve years ago right? When Presidential nominee then George W. Bush said "we will no longer be nation builders" refering to the Clinton policies "we will not be the policemen of the world." Just go find it on YouTube. We don't make this stuff up.

It’s understandable that people are clueless. Who wouldn’t be after years of programming by the establishment? The problem is that we as a nation are in big trouble. The off shore banks and corporations who run this country have sold you out. They have used their media to dumb you down and take everything from you, even your soul. They call anyone who stands in their way a conspiracy theorist. There are some weird and crazy people out there making some off the wall statements but rest assured that Alex Jones is not one of them. Jones has been exactly right 99% of the time and has backed everything up with documentation. In fact more times than not, Glenn Beck has come to the same conclusions. Both are Conservatives and both love this country.

Americans have watched their rights being taken away one by one for far too long. There is not much left. With the passing of NDAA just weeks ago we also lost Posse Comitatus. The true Tea Party and human rights activists could have gotten together to try and defeat it but the media establishment has divided us so badly on other things we can’t come together to defend our rights and Constitution. These are the things we have in common. This is the reason so many in the political arena flock to Ron Paul. Freedom brings every American together. So, if you believe the “mainstream” media Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee. That was already decided back in 08’ when Romney stepped aside to let McCain take the nomination. If you believe in your individual rights and freedom, if you are not afraid of the boogieman a half a world away that government has created, and if you want your children to have the same opportunities you had there is only one candidate. There may not be another one like him.


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