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Ron Paul overcomes another smear campaign by the MSM

Let's be clear about Texas Congressman Ron Paul and his campaign for the Presidency of the United States. He's been far more influential than the elites had hoped.

Ron Paul address supporters at campaign event

Ron Paul's philosophy on federal government is so distant from the modern political consensus by both entrenched Democrats and Republicans, that he's been dismissed entirely by the MSM and the leaders of both political parties. That alone doesn't mean Paul's ideas are unrealistic or 'kooky'. Instead it could simply mean that those entrenched in media and politics - the ones who make a grand living from the status quo - aren't at all interested in changing the game. If you were making millions (or billions) off the status quo would you want to risk a change? Even if such a change were in the best interests of the majority of Americans?

Somehow I doubt it.

Most Americans have the misfortune of believing that main-stream political leaders have their best interests in mind. The truth is that America's ruling elite continues to get richer while the average citizens' income stagnates. The ever increasing wealth of Congress is evidence that we continue to elect politicians who are far more interested in personal aspiration than ruling honorably.

So how has the ruling elite treated Ron Paul and his message?

1) Ron Paul is poised to win Iowa next week. He's currently polling in first place with 22%. The MSM and the Republican Party has declared Iowa 'irrelevant' if Paul wins.

2) The MSM has again charged Paul with being a racist homophobe who wrote "two decades worth of racist content". This has been repeated by every major news outlet in the U.S.. Interestingly, the MSM has only been able to find 3 sentences (over that 20 year period) in which they could use to level such claims of racism. No, seriously... each news outlet that refers to 'decades of racist newsletters' has only found 3 sentences, over the span of 20 years, that have negative conotations for minorities. Think about that... 3 sentences.

3) Ron Paul is weak on national security. That is the claim charged by Paul's fellow Republicans. However, even Bill O'Reilly agrees with Paul's assertion on Iran... that is... so long as he's not interviewing Paul. For example, when O'Reilly interviews Mitt Romney - O'Reilly seems to echo Paul's concerns about Iran. See the video in the left-hand column.

4) Ron Paul wants to legalize drugs and abortion. Paul has consistently stated that he wants to do away with federal drug laws, federal abortion laws, and federal marriage laws... thus leaving these issues up to the individual states as the Founding Fathers intended.

"The more difficult and emotional the issue... the more it should be left up to the States" - Ron Paul

Fox News has been the worst (and most dishonest) critic of Ron Paul. They see him as a threat to their promotion of perpetual war in the Middle East. Often Fox News ignores Paul altogether.

Despite the elitist attitude of those running our national media and political parties - Ron Paul has moved into first place in Iowa and is currently polling at second place in New Hampshire.

Perhaps the American people aren't as brainwashed as those elitists hoped.


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