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Ron Paul draws 5,600 to final of three campaign events in California this week

Ron Paul in California on May 4  Photo via @KEOstrowski on Twitter
Ron Paul in California on May 4 Photo via @KEOstrowski on Twitter
Ron Paul 2012 and Ron Paul supporters

On Friday, thousands in California gathered to see Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul speak. The 12-term congressman from Texas had announced his campaign team would be returning to California for private fundraisers, media interviews, and town hall events. This is the final of the three scheduled town hall meetings. Dr. Paul's previous campaign events in California this week included two back-to-back crowds of thousands. On Wednesday, 4,000 gathered to see Ron Paul speak and on Thursday over 5,000 filled a stadium to see the presidential candidate.

Ron Paul
Ron Paul 2012

The UC – San Diego event with 5,600-plus people was the third of three such events the 12-term Congressman from Texas held in the Golden State this week. On Wednesday Ron Paul drew a remarkable 4,000-plus crowd to Cal State – Fullerton, and last night Dr. Paul drew 5,000-plus people to UC – Davis.

Ron Paul’s town hall meeting at UC – San Diego took place at 7:00 p.m. PST on the school’s Warren Mall in San Diego, CA 92161. The 12-term Congressman from Texas discussed his platform of constitutionally-limited government, the restoration of our economic and civil liberties, and elements of his path-breaking ‘Plan to Restore America.’

Taryn Fagerness was at the Ron Paul town hall Friday evening in San Diego, California. Taryn tweeted about a memorable sign, "Ron Paul, fighting for your freedom since before you cared". Another sign, noted by Diana Palacios, read "Ron Paul - Not for Sale". When Congressman Paul arrived, the thousands cheered and chanted "President Paul". Paul discussed his plan to repeal the Patriot Act and bring back privacy to the people. Paul stated there should never be a time when free people sacrifice liberty for safety (referencing the TSA). "The Revolution is alive and well. Armies cannot stop us, and the government cannot stop us" Paul stated. The crowd cheered when Paul stated "the first amendment wasn't written so we could talk about the weather". Ron Paul finished his speech discussing his Plan to Restore America.

On Thursday, Michele Bachmann endorsed Romney. Gingrich is expected to endorse Mitt Romney in a few weeks despite his previous reputation as a "Tea Party candidate" and Romney being considered the "establishment candidate". However, many Republican voters claim to be less than enthusiastic about supporting Mitt Romney and are looking for an alternative. Despite Governor Mitt Romney being the perceived "front runner" in the Republican race for their presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul maintains he will remain in the race. His strategy has most recently won delegates in Iowa, Alaska, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. The Huffington Post reported Thursday that Ron Paul will be on the ballot at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, meaning that Paul has won at least five states.

Ron Paul has at least one Tea Party Express rally scheduled for Sunday, May 6. This rally will feature Ron Paul, his son and Senator Rand Paul, Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer, and Texas Republican candidate for U. S. Senate, Ted Cruz.

Only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul remain in the Republican race for the presidential nomination.

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