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Ron Paul dominates New Hampshire

Ron Paul takes 24% in NH
Ron Paul takes 24% in NH
Fox News

With 40% of districts reporting - Ron Paul is currently giving his victory speech for having won 2nd place in New Hampshire. Ron Paul has captured 24% of the vote. In 2008 Paul was only able to capture 8% in the Granite State.

While watching both Fox News and CNN one couldn't help but notice that all commentary was devoted to Mitt Romney and John Huntsman. Not surprisingly they avoided mentioning Ron Paul's name at all costs. As John Stewart would say "How did Ron Paul become the 13th floor of a building?"

That Fox News is now airing Ron Paul's speech means that several members of the Fox staff have probably collapsed - writhing on the floor in a fit of disbelief as their war-lust is left wanting.

For Ron Paul and his supporters it's on to South Carolina.