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Ron Micheli for governor endorsed by state sovereignty advocate

News Blurb

Ron Micheli has picked up the endorsement from former Sheriff Richard Mack a State Sovereignty Advocate.

This comes as most are starting to take notice of Micheli as a solid defender of State Sovereignty, specifically the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

According to a press release from the Micheli campaign-
"The reason I'm supporting Ron is that he understands the issues that really are pertinent to the state of Wyoming, and first and foremost is State sovereignty”
- Sheriff Richard Mack

Anthony Bouchard is a staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and limited government - he is also the Director of WyGO - Wyoming Gun Owners Association, Wyoming's Only No-Compromise Gun-Rights Organization.

Anthony is also the Cheyenne Gun Rights Examiner and Cheyenne Government Examiner


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  • MamaLiberty 4 years ago

    "State sovereignty" first? Absolutely NOT. Individuals are sovereign and "states" are groups of individuals. The "sovereign" state is the source of our problems, whether it is national or local.

    When INDIVIDUALS accept the fact that they are individual sovereigns, and Live out the personal responsibility for their own lives which is an inescapable part of that sovereignty... then we will start getting somewhere.

    Merely transferring the power over our lives and property from the federal to the state accomplishes little or nothing, regardless of the good intention of our new lords and masters.

  • jaime 4 years ago

    Well said MamaLiberty, Well said indeed!



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