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Ron Micheli attacked by D.C. based union SEIU



  • Robert 5 years ago

    A a california resident for 52 years I can tell you that this is the worst state of sorry affairs Calfornia has ever been in during my time out here. Do not let SEIU turn Wyoming into another California. We have more and more cops going to jail out here because their unions will not do any self policing and weed out the bad ones. The only reason they are being caught is due to citizens video taping everything and they can't stop it. Cops are already very heavy handed out here. I was against SEIU taking over CSEA but we were highjacked and I think it is because a sweetheart deal was made with the state at the time in my opinion. And remember that judges when they rule know which union the bailiffs and officers belong to and how those unions feel. Do not let Wyoming get into the same sorry state of affairs California is now finding itself. Fight back and demand that every dime be accounted for. Do not raise taxes and do not borrow. Do not lose control of your state like we did.

  • No to Obama care 5 years ago

    This looks like the same politics BS that goes on in Washington, Ron must be doing something right.

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