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Ron Micheli attacked by D.C. based union SEIU

micheli attacked by big government union
Image - A. Bouchard

Chicago style union thuggery makes an entrance into Wyoming. You say - "Not here, it can't happen in Wyoming"...Think again.

SEIU, the union that had ties to ACORN and spent $60 million to put Barack Obama in office is hard at work here in Wyoming.

You see the SEIU perceives a threat to their “government growth plan” and they are now on the war path.

Their target:
the only fiscally conservative, constitution backing gubernatorial candidate in the race - Ron Micheli.

The SEIU local in their connection with the Wyoming Public Employees Association (WPEA) has a newsletter called the “The Reporter”, it is estimated that this letter is mailed to 22,000 state employees. What is obvious is that they have taken a serious dislike towards Ron Michelli’s common sense approach of “zero based budgeting”. This is a plan that stops government waste. To read the venomous newsletter for yourself click here

SEIU's goal - control the vote

What is Zero Based Budget?--
Instead of the government spending all the money in one fiscal cycle only to “up the ante” on the following cycle with more funding requests, zero based budgeting requires that the budget starts new every two years so wasteful spending cycles are not repeated over and over at the taxpayers’ expense.

This would also force us to perform an audit every seven years so the wasteful chaff can be cut from the budget, this is especially helpful after a boom cycle and the explosive growth that comes with it.

Why doesn't the SEIU like Micheli's plan?--
Well, the SEIU doesn’t like common sense, for instance the SEIU also controls the "big government" California State Employees Union and we know where that has got them. California is bankrupt, remember this- California Out Of Cash, State Begins Issuing IOUs.

Most noticeable Ron Micheli is the ONLY threat to a clone of California’s debacle here in Wyoming. The SEIU has spoken favorably towards Matt Mead, Colin Simpson and Rita Meyer. Maybe they can all sit around and sing "Kum ba yah" instead of taking on tough budget concerns?

The price of standing for principle--
When a candidate stands away from the pack and states he is fiscally conservative, loves the Constitution of our Forefathers and affirms he will stand to protect it against all enemies, he will be attacked. Not only by the “big-government union”, but as noticed all the other candidates in the race have decided to attack Micheli’s common sense budget plan.

How these unions work--
In Wyoming the SEIU takes in about $40,000 a month, that’s $480,000 a year, on a national level the SEIU, takes in billions. How do you think they have the resources to organize to elect Obama and lobby to pass Obama-Care?

big government takes guns

Remember my motto, “big government takes guns”, and that brings us to this-
Among the plethora of SEIU Unions under the name of National Association of Government Employees (NAGE), the SEIU has a Police Union as well.

The International Brotherhood of Police Officers (IBPO) is a Police Union based in Massachusetts, you know where citizens can't have guns.

Of course the IBPO fought to get nation concealed-carry privileges for their Law Enforcement Officers, but in their “usual police union” fashion feel just the opposite when it comes to ordinary citizens like you and me.

During the hearings for the THE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS SAFETY ACT OF 2003 the IBPO said "we believe that national legislation is necessary because of this patchwork of concealed-carry laws" and "a duty officer is qualified to carry a concealed firearm".

Wouldn't it be nice if "We the People" could go to Congress and get what we ask for? Just remember organizations like the IBPO believe that they are the “only ones” qualified to carry guns.

Folks the line in the sand has been drawn, and Chicago style politics is on the other side.

From government officials to Union Thugs, which many have made a life out of taking our rights away. It’s now on us to push back at the's time to circle the wagons and tell the big money, big government union the SEIU, that we won’t let it happen here in Wyoming!

If your just "half as mad" as me about this, send this to all of your friends and family!

 Anthony Bouchard is a staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and limited government - he is also the Director of WyGO - Wyoming Gun Owners Association, Wyoming's Only No-Compromise Gun-Rights Organization.

WyGO / Wyoming Gun Owners

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  • Robert 4 years ago

    A a california resident for 52 years I can tell you that this is the worst state of sorry affairs Calfornia has ever been in during my time out here. Do not let SEIU turn Wyoming into another California. We have more and more cops going to jail out here because their unions will not do any self policing and weed out the bad ones. The only reason they are being caught is due to citizens video taping everything and they can't stop it. Cops are already very heavy handed out here. I was against SEIU taking over CSEA but we were highjacked and I think it is because a sweetheart deal was made with the state at the time in my opinion. And remember that judges when they rule know which union the bailiffs and officers belong to and how those unions feel. Do not let Wyoming get into the same sorry state of affairs California is now finding itself. Fight back and demand that every dime be accounted for. Do not raise taxes and do not borrow. Do not lose control of your state like we did.

  • No to Obama care 4 years ago

    This looks like the same politics BS that goes on in Washington, Ron must be doing something right.

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