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Ron McMillion 'Appalachian Outlaws' arrested

Ron McMillion
Ron McMillion
History Channel

Ron McMillion from “Appalachian Outlaws” was arrested on March 6, 2014. According to The Register Herald, March 14, 2014, Ron is charged with carrying a gun and he has an outstanding assault warrant from 2012 in Pocahontas County. However, he may also be a suspect in the disappearance of Dee Ann Keene.

An eyewitness account led state police to Ron’s house during an investigation into the disappearance of Dee Ann Keene from Renick. The witness said that she and another person were at Ron’s house. Dee Ann was also there at the time. The witness then describes Ron’s behavior as having drank too much, or used some kind of drugs. She said he was so impaired, that she doubted if he could stand up.

She goes on to say that she heard Ron exclaim, “I’m gonna kill you, you f****** b****.”

Apparently, during the witnesses visit, Ron took out a white gun and gave it to Dee Ann to shoot. She fired off one shot, before handing the gun back. Ron allegedly shot the gun so close to Dee Ann’s head that her hair moved.

The witness said she and her friend left the property, but Dee Ann refused to leave with them. This is the last time anyone has seen or heard from Dee Ann.

Ron has a criminal history. On May 25, 1978, he was arrested for burglary, robbery, grand larceny and the intent to murder. Because Ron has felony arrests and convictions, he cannot own any firearm.

Lewisburg State Police 1st Sgt. D.L. Bowles said. “We didn’t arrest him on charges due to (Keene’s) disappearance. He is a person of interest. He is not in jail right now. He's out on bond.

He continued to say that they are getting several leads in this case. “This is still an active ongoing investigation with a lot officers putting in time. If anyone has information we'd hope they'd contact us.”

Law enforcement is asking for any information on the disappearance or the where-abouts of Dee Ann Keene. Anyone with information should call the Lewisburg State Police Department at 304-647-7600.

Ron hunts for ginseng on the TV reality show, "Appalachian Outlaws" on the History Channel.

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