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Ron Magill - Wildlife Photographer Extraordinaire!


Image courtesy ShutterFliesPhotography

Image courtesy ShutterFliesPhotography

The feelings that come to mind when viewing the wildlife images and reading the story of Ron Magill is, "Sensational, remarkable and uncontrollable envy!"

Ron started his life off in New York City and moved to Florida as a young teenager, having already developed a deep seeded love for wildlife, which led to his career as a zoo keeper, lead zoo keeper, senior zoo keeper and assistant curator. Currently Ron is the Communications Director of the Miami Metro Zoo and his accreditations and awards could give any giraffe neck a run for it's money!

In 2006 Ron received the Wildlife Ambassador Award. His work is up in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. He's won two Emmy Awards for his “Amazon and Beyond” and “Dreams of Alaska” projects. He is internationally recognized and has shared many of his experiences with programs like National Geographic Explorer, The Today Show, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, The Late Show with David LettermanCBS The Early Show, Live with Regis, Dateline, and CNN to mention but a few.

And now ladies and gentlemen, it is our turn to take full advantage of the man himself. The South Florida Camera Club will sit (or stand) in awe of Ron Magill as guest speaker, while he presents the glorious photographic adventure he took to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, on the fascinating continent of Africa.

For a few hours we can get a glimpse into the exciting adventures of the dominant lions, the perspective view of the giraffe, the enormous strength of the mighty buffalo, the self-preservation of the elephant and of course the playfulness and agility of the mischievous monkeys and much more!

Accordingly to Ron, "travelling to Africa is a safari of the soul that will leave the visitor with an indelible impression of indescribable beauty from a world lost in time."

This presentation is free for South Florida Camera Club paid members. For those non-members who would like to attend this presentation, the cost will be $40.00. If you choose to join the South Florida Camera Club within thirty days, you may use the $40.00 towards your membership. Click here to join SFCC.

Ron hopes that his images will help inspire an appreciation for wildlife along with efforts to protect it for generations to come - Ron, I think you're succeeding and guys, please don't come too early - I need the best seat in the house!


  • Jennifer Raath 5 years ago

    Very interesting to read about a native American enjoying wildlife photography and his sense of Africa restoring his soul.

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