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Ron Howard puts kibosh on "Cheaters" title for upcoming Chicago film starring Vince Vaughn

It has been 20 years since Ron Howard filmed the movie Backdraft in Chicago, and now his path once again is intersecting with the city of big shoulders.

He is back in Chicago this summer to film what he calls, “… the untitled Vince Vaughn, Kevin James comedy.” But when asked about the title "Cheaters”, his response is decidedly downbeat. “No, that’s not our … we have no official title yet.”

Although he isn’t embracing the “Cheaters” moniker, Howard seems genuinely happy to be back in Chicago for another film. “It’s got a very particular energy and spirit that’s unique …”

Coincidentally, Howard was also in town to receive a career achievement award from the Chicago International Film Festival at the Museum of Science and Industry. At age 57, he is still relatively young (considering the longevity of many movie directors) and was quick to point out that he has no plans to slow down. “My little secret hope is that I’m maybe one of the first people that they actually have to … go for a second cycle on.

Actors Vince Vaughn, Winona Ryder, Kevin James, Jennifer Connolly, Queen Latifah and Channing Tatum are scheduled to shoot this summer in Chicago for Ron Howard’s latest film project.

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Credit: NBC Chicago



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