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Ron Burgundy gets spoofed; ‘Anchorman’ gets a Dallas Mavericks twist (video)

Ron Burgundy might find the latest Anchorman spoof to be a compliment. The Dallas Mavericks marketing department revealed a new video that includes some of the Mavericks players posing as the famous news team. The NBA stars do their best to imitate the movie. According to Fansided on Saturday, Dirk Nowitzki takes on the role of Ron Burgundy and his teammates fill in for the rest of the newscast.

What makes the spoof so funny? Well, it has to be those 70′s mustaches. Known on the basketball court as tough athletes, the stars put on the mustaches and it appears the seriousness just fades away. Add the sport jackets and the introductions and the video is funny enough to watch more than once.

The hilarious spoof will have Dallas Mavericks fans and Anchorman fans laughing together. While Ron Burgundy has gone around the country to talk news, he hasn’t gotten any big celebrities to impersonate him like this. Making the video had to be fun for the athletes and the premise is quite impressive too.

Take a look at the video clip of the Dallas Mavericks spoofing the Anchorman cast. Maybe Rob Burgundy should head to Dallas to see if he could spoof the Mavericks in some way. It appears they have a great sense of humor!

Stay Classy Dallas!

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