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Romney rising, Cain dropping, Perry on life support in latest Nevada poll

Front runners for Nevada 2012 Caucuses
Front runners for Nevada 2012 Caucuses

This week, the Magellan Strategies polling firm released their latest polling numbers on the republicans running for President. The autodial survey of 673 Likely Republican Nevada Caucus Goers (LRNCG), has shown some major changes for the front runners since their last poll which was released the first week of September.

Romney, who won the Nevada caucus in 2008, would win again, if the Nevada republican caucuses were held today. But they’re not, and polls tend to change on a daily basis, based on who appears to be getting the most headlines or is talked about in the media the most that week.

Here are the latest numbers for LRNCG voters in the Magellan poll.

Mitt Romney: 38%

Herman Cain: 26%

Newt Gingrich: 16%

Ron Paul: 7%

Rick Perry 5%

Michele Bachmann: 2%

Rick Santorum: 1%

Jon Huntsman: 1%

In August, the poll showed Perry leading with 29%, Romney 24% and Cain with 7%.

The Magellan poll also shows the breakdown numbers for sub-categories as well; Male voters, Female voters, Senior voters, Social conservatives, Fiscal conservatives Mormon voters, Tea Party voters, and Non-2008 voters.

Mitt Romney is leading in all the sub-categories except two, Tea Party voters, which should be no surprise because they tend to like those that are the most extreme, and Non-2008 voters. Click the links above to read the numbers in the sub-categories.

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