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Romeoville shooting: Mother and daughter shot while commuting to school

A Romeoville shooting of a mother and daughter on their way to school this morning is being investigated, reports NBC Chicago today. The shooting, which occurred at approximately 7 a.m. this morning, prompted the lockdown of area schools.

The shooting took place in the 300 block of Emery Avenue, where the victims lived. Romeoville is a village in Will County, Illinois.

The suspect fled on foot after opening fire on the mother and daughter. Investigators with police dogs were combing the area looking for the suspect. The mother and daughter, who have not been identified, were taken to the nearby Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital.

Romeoville police Chief Mark Turvey said: “The mother and daughter were sitting in their car when a man came up and shot them and fled on foot.”

The mother, 33, and her 15-year-old daughter were both shot in the head. Police do not believe this was a random shooting; it appears the family was being targeted, though the motive is yet unclear. Three shots were fired into the car, striking both the mother and daughter in the head.

“We believe the mother was taking the daughter to school,” Turvey said. “We don’t know the motive at this point, but it does not appear to be a robbery. It appears they were targeted, at least one of the victims, or both.”

Turvey said both suffered "serious injuries… It was obviously a terrible crime. A senseless crime."

One man was arrested as he fled the scene, but police said he was unrelated to the incident and fled only because he had an outstanding warrant. However, four others were detained and are being investigated at this time.

“We have four people of interest in custody,” Turvey said. “They are just being questioned about the incident. We aren’t saying that any of them are the offenders, but just persons of interests.”

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