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Rome’s piazza alternative: Da Fortunato restaurant

Da Fortunato restaurant
Da Fortunato restaurant
RD Foster

All of Rome’s popular piazzas are lined with cafes and restaurants that troll the tourist trade. From Piazza Navona to Piazza di Trevi, the squares are crammed with visitors wedged into eateries that edge the squares.

Da Fortunato restaurant
RD Foster

A refreshing alternative is found in Piazza della Rotonda, where the famous Pantheon yet stands after two millennium. Da Fortunato restaurant is located just off the piazza at 55 Via del Pantheon. In operation since 1975, Da Fortunato is within view of the enduring Pantheon, re-built by Emperor Hadrian in 126 A.D.

A fresh menu

Da Fortunato uses fresh ingredients and flash-caught fish. For a starter appetizer, try a refreshing prosciutto and melon. The restaurant’s buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes is especially creamy and the fried zucchini flowers are a nice alternative.

Pasta favorites include Pasta e fagioli and homemade tortellini with emmental and summer truffle. Second courses range from steak tartare and grilled local lamb to assorted beef and roasted porcini mushrooms.

All of Da Fortunato’s desserts are home made: ricotta cheese cake, catalan cream, strawberry tiramisù with traditional cream & limoncello aroma, and assorted ice cream and fresh fruit.

Patio with an ancient view

The restaurant includes a smoking lounge, and a private room that accommodates up to 80 people. An outside patio with views of the Pantheon is surrounded by fresh and potted flowers and plants. The setting is a pleasant relief from the often packed Piazza del Rotonda. Such specialties as Acqualagna and Alba truffles are available from October to mid-December.

Da Fortunato is closed Sundays and open Monday through Saturday from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. and from 7:30 to 11:30 p,m. Access the restaurant’s map and make reservations via email or on the restaurant's reservation page.

Da Fortunato

Via del Pantheon 55 - Roma

Tel. 06 6792788
Fax 06 6793683