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Romantic treasure hunt

Treasure hunt
Treasure hunt

What do you get when you combine romance and a treasure hunt where you are the treasure? A wonderful surprise and an unforgettable time! If you have a special occasion coming up such an anniversary, a birthday or for just no other reason than to spice things up, then a treasure hunt for your sweetie could be a nice detour from the norm.

To get started leave a note for him/her that leads to another location. This could be in a tree at a favorite picnic site or at a friend’s house, the possibilities are endless. The next note will lead to a new place such as restaurant where a hostess has the clue hidden behind the desk, or hide the clue in a memorable spot that has deep meaning to you both. On the next leg of the journey the clue will lead to another favorite spot and so on. As the hunt comes to an end, the final clue could be simply a map or GPS coordinates to a moonlit picnic or swanky hotel room where the prize will be waiting. The whole idea is to be clever and keep them guessing where this all leads. It will blow them away to see that so much thought was put into this big surprise.

Now just imagine the delight when they arrive at their final destination and find you there as their treasure. What a romantic start to an evening together...with a treasure hunt around town and you as the loot its a sure fire way to make for a memorable evening!