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Romantic night snorkeling debuts at St. Lucia’s Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort

If you’re planning an escape from the wintry weather and are looking for a romantic experience to amp up your vacation consider a trip to Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort in St. Lucia, which is now offering both snorkeling and scuba at night. How much more romantic can it get?

The majestic Pitons provide a romantic backdrop in St. Lucia
Richard Pietschmann

Available nowhere else on the island, night snorkeling showcases provides an exceptional opportunity to view underwater wonders of Anse des Pitons. The hotel arms you with a waterproof flashlight, for up close and personal looks at glittering phosphorescence, brightly colored parrot fish, and octopi emerging from daytime hideaways. Above the waves, the majestic Pitons twinkle with fireflies hovering along the lower slopes.

If you don’t have a scuba certification, you can opt to SNUBA – a cross between SCUBA and snorkeling. Instead of strapping on a tank, you simply do a free dive with an oxygen tank floating above attached by a long tube. Guests can cruise along the surface or dive as deep as 20 feet. The pristine reef and National Marine Reserve at Sugar Beach is home to myriad sea creatures including sea horses, frog fish, and colorful sponges and coral.

Sugar Beach provides one of the best diving locations in the world drawing enthusiasts from around the world with a PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) to lead you. The area offers eleven thrilling diving opportunities, including “Superman’s Flight,” a well-known gently sloping drift dive around the base of Petit Piton with an abundance of marine life starting at a depth of about 15 feet and continuing on to well over 100 feet.

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, formerly Jalousie Plantation, recently underwent a $100 million renovation adding 59 brand new luxury villas, eight new luxury beachfront bungalows, and revamping 11 luxury sugar mill rooms, as well as updated the 9,427-square-foot rainforest spa and its several sophisticated restaurants. The property is set within more than 100 acres of lush rainforest between St. Lucia’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Pitons.

View video for more about underwater activities in St. Lucia.

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