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Romantic Drive-In Double Feature


I'm always one for saving money. That's why I recommend that when you can, drive out on Clovis Hwy 84 and visit Stars and Stripes Drive In. It has three screens, that way you can choose which two movies you want to see for the awesome price of $6 a person! It also offers the fairest prices as far as concessions go, and a vastly larger selection that the standard movie theater.

This weekend they happen to be showing to romantic movies on one screen: Valentine's Day and Dear John.

"Valentine's Day" has a plethora of actors and actresses. The movie (obvious from title) was set on Valentine's Day. It connects the lives of several couples as they make and break up. I actually enjoyed this movie. There was a general feeling of happiness and romance that might make one a little queasy if the writers were not careful. But with the help of realistic characters and unique stories, the movie flowed along quite well. I'm not sure it would match up to it's predecessors of the same genre; Love Actually and  Paris, je t' aime,( both of which touched on profound relationship issues and human conditions.) But not to worry, it certainly delivers as an honest yet breezy film to sit back and enjoy.

"Dear John" is quite a different story. The film centers around an Army enlistee that falls in love with a college student while on a two week leave. But the film is much more than that. Based on the book of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, the movie centers around the decisions and maturity of the characters. This film shows us that there's always a choice when it comes to love. This shows us that there isn't always the fairytale ending, but something more grounded, something we can certainly relate to. The film stars some of young Hollywood's best, Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. The pair have amiable chemistry and so does the supporting cast. The reason I was so excited about this film however was because of it's famed Swedish director Lasse Hallström. He's directed some of my favorite films. Though this was not added to my list of favorites, I did enjoy watching the character development throughout the film.

There also are two other choices if you apt not watch these two movies. Either way you're in for a treat when you go to the Drive-In, a treat your wallet will surely appreciate.


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