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Romance Pointer - Never stop studying each other

Never stop studying your spouse
Never stop studying your spouse

In the beginning of a relationship we are always studying each other and making a mental note of traits, qualities, flaws, talents and so on. In addition, we also keep track of what our partner likes and dislikes, yet somewhere along the way we think we have them all figured out. The problem with this is that we all continue to change. Change is certain. No one is exactly who they were when they started dating or said ‘I do’. As time goes by we simply don’t pay attention to all the little things like we did in the beginning.

Why not take a refresher course in your partner? Start with an inventory of all their likes and dislikes, what makes them tick, and pay attention to the little details again. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and truly examine everything that makes them who they are. As times goes by we should all remember to never stop studying each other.