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Romance doesn't come in chocolate.

Do roses really say 'love' or 'gosh, I couldn't think of anything else'?
Do roses really say 'love' or 'gosh, I couldn't think of anything else'?

Do you ever wonder why February 14 is called Saint Valentine’s Day?

The legend goes that an early Catholic priest named Valentine married Roman soldiers to their sweethearts secretly even though Rome forbade it. Eventually the priest was discovered and executed and from that story of secret love has sprung our tradition of hearts and flowers.

Valentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure, especially on the guy. Do you worry like this? ‘We’ve only gone out once, should I spring for roses? Will she think it’s a proposal?’ Or, ‘We’re dead broke but maybe if I buy these heart-shaped diamond earrings she’ll be easier to live with.’ Or ‘I forgot it’s Valentine’s!!! The gas station sells candy bars. That’ll do.’

That’s not romance! Your lady friend can see right through you. It’s wonderful to be showered with gifts and candy (unless you happen to know the balance in the checkbook), but if a girl wants romance, you don’t find it at the gas station.

Guys tend to think of romance as sex or physical things like roses. It’s true that women think that way, too, but real old-fashioned, sweep her off her feet romance is different.

  • Pay attention to what gives her that “I adore you” smile, what makes her curl up next to you or what makes her lock the bedroom door with a smile. You’re reading her body language.

  • Tuck her favorite chick flick (even if you pull it off the living room shelf) inside a box of roses and cuddle up.
  • Cook dinner for her with candles (even fast food burgers will do).
  • Dance her around the living room.
  • Turn off the game to spend time with her.

Read her body language. You’ll know when you score.


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