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Romance, Comedy, and Crime in Jon McDonald's Latest Genre-Bending Novel

We all have days when we get picky about what we would like to read. Maybe some romance to warm our hearts; maybe something action-packed and fast-paced to keep us on the edge of our seats; or maybe something with lots of hilarious scenes to brighten our day. In such moments, we wish we could read a book that has it all. Luckily, it is possible to read such a book, because Jon McDonald’s “Lights – Camera – Heist!: A Romantic Misadventure” successfully combines elements from different genres: romance, thriller, comedy, crime, and suspense.

Partners in crime with a tendency to become life partners as well, the protagonists of the novel, Max and Maddie, constantly seek heist opportunities. “Lights – Camera – Heist!” opens with one such attempt to steal a valuable item: a Guarneri cello owned by the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. Under the aliases of Felice Sommer and Jack Russell – first of many others to come throughout the novel –, the two smart and witty thieves confidently follow their plan. Although they think that their plan is flawless and that nothing could possibly go wrong, the heist doesn’t run smoothly at all. When their identities are compromised and their plans ruined, Max and Maddie end up being chased by helicopters. In order to make it out alive and sound, they have to pretend that they are dead in the Persian Gulf.

Although their first adventure was a literal failure, the protagonists aren’t discouraged. They assume other identities and devise a new plan. This time, the heist involves making a movie and avoiding a Chinese crime baron at all times. If the situation wasn’t already complicated enough, it becomes even more so when Max and Maddie fall in love – however, not with each other. The former falls for an undercover spy sent by the deputy Prime Minister, while the latter develops feelings for the lead actor of the movie they are filming.

“Lights – Camera – Heist!: A Romantic Misadventure” is bound to satisfy any reader’s tastes and needs. The novel has plenty of humorous scenes and a fast-paced story. Although the protagonists are on the side of crime, their witty remarks and funny misadventures render them highly likeable, and the readers will find themselves rooting for them to solve their relationship issues. You may find “Lights – Camera – Heist!: A Romantic Misadventure” on Amazon. Also, you can learn more about the novel on this page. For more information on Jon McDonald’s work, you may visit his website.

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