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Roman Reigns still member of The Shield

According to a Jan. 27 report from, hard-hitting WWE superstar Roman Reigns is still a member of The Shield even though he threw both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins out of the Royal Rumble ring last night in Pittsburgh, Penn.

Reigns, who was one of the final two men left standing in the WWE Royal Rumble 2014, got over big with the crowd when he threw his teammates out of the ring.

Despite Reigns' actions, the 28-year-old Ambrose says the group is still tight and that they are as close as ever.

He explained that anything can happen at the Royal Rumble, and he knows full well that only one man can be left standing.

With that said, he's not mad at Reigns for throwing him over the top rope at the Royal Rumble.

Perhaps falling out of character for a moment, Ambrose disclosed what could be the real reason why The Shield is still in fact.

He said the WWE still has a lot of Shield merchandise to sell, so they might not want to split the group up so quickly.

"Of course we're still together," Ambrose said. "They're still selling Shield merchandise. We're still together, and we're still best friends. Wild stuff happens. Nothing good happens after midnight, nothing good happens in the Royal Rumble. You know, wild stuff happens, you know, so maybe just get off my back a little bit about it."

Ambrose also weighed in on the Pittsburgh fans chanting "Yes!" in honor of Daniel Bryan.

He says he wasn't mad at the crowd for wanting to see Bryan compete in the 30-man Royal Rumble.

"It's an easy chant to make," Ambrose told "It's fun. It's caught on, that's why it's caught on in other sporting venues too, like the Michigan State game and all that stuff. He has a great connection with the audience and they want to see him. If they aren't happy with something that's going on, it's an easy outlet for them."

It will be interesting to see if the The Shield is still together by the time Wrestlemania XXX goes down.

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