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Roman Polanski to remain in jail in Switzerland pending extradition proceedings


Swiss authorities have just ruled that Roman Polanski will have to remain in prison pending proceedings to extradite him to Los Angeles.  The authorities based the decision to allow Polanski to remain free pending a final decision on the extradition issue upon arguments that it would be too tempting for Polanski to flee the country and return to France where he has lived for decades without being extradited to the United States.

Prior to fleeing Los Angeles, Polanski had served just 42 days in prison. He fled after concluding that the judge had changed his mind and was going to sentence Polanski to additional time in prison rather than the time he had already served which was the court's initial inclination.

The decision by the Swiss authorities raises two questions.  First, in view of the fact that the extradition hearings in Switzerland, and subsequent appeals, could be lengthy, will Polanski wind up serving more time in Switzerland than he was destined to serve in California? Second, in view of the length of time that he could wind up behind bars in Switzerland, and the fact that he could renew his motion to dismiss charges against him upon his return to Los Angeles, would it now make sense for Polanski to waive any objections he may have to extradition and start making plane reservations to LAX?

These are difficult decisions for Polanski to make, but, then again, he has ample time to think these things over.