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Roman Media' The Lesson wants to finish up via an Indiegogo campaign

Roman Media
Roman Media
Roman Media

Rhode Island based Roman Media has filmed a short. The end of camera work does not mean the movie is made. Post-Production is itself an obstacle. To finish The Lesson and go to festivals will take an appeal to the community. That's where Indiegogo comes in.

Briefly the Lesson from “about a waitress who learns the value of chess when a man comes to the cafe to play his weekly game with his daughter.”

The Boston Film Industry Examiner does not know about all the members of the creative team, but we have seen the work of some. We recently reviewed Chris Esper's Still Life, a gem of a cinematic calling card. Chris will direct The Lesson.

The screenplay is the work of Duncan Putney. Mr. Putney has a lot of credits including a time out of joint short about D-Day, Half Pint.

Diana Porter wonderfully played Death in the lovely short, Devil May Care, a film that garnered honors at the Shawna Shea Short Film Festival. Also starring with her is the impresario of Roman Media and executive producer of The Lesson, Michelle Romano. She is a very active member of the regional film scene, but does venture out into the greater world having had a guest spot on the Sopranos.

Creusa Michelazzo spoke with the Boston film Industry Examiner at the Hollywood East Meet N Greet last Spring. She and Chris Esper were there and talking about the project Please Punish Me, based on a Tom Paolino story. Watch the video and meet Chris and Creusa as well as Tom and others.

At the Indiegogo page there is a complete suite of perks to choose from. Also, there is more information about Roman Media. Take a look at the page and help if you can.

When the lesson gets done, we may all learn something.