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Roma Downey: Purpose of 'Son of God'

Diogo Morgado.....plays role of Jesus in "Son of God" movie.
Diogo Morgado.....plays role of Jesus in "Son of God" movie.
Son of God

"Our prayer has always been that the dramatization of the Bible stories will drive viewers to go to the Bible itself and drink in the actual text, because it is a book that changes lives," Roma Downey, co-producer of the movie "Son of God", said during an interview with Entertainment Today. Downey, an Irsih actress who plays the role of Mary, mother of Jesus, said her greatest joy is in producing the film.

She further said, "It is very special for us to share God's love with everyone through this powerful and inspiring movie for families and communities. We are deeply honored to breathe new visual life into the profound story."

Roma Downey and co-producer husband Mark Burnett may have hit on the key to spreading the gospel to younger generations which are learning increasingly through visual means and less by the written word. Incredibly successful Baylor football coach Art Briles hit on the same principal when he discarded written playbooks for Ipads on which his players can learn their plays by visualization.

"Son of God" continues its strong showing at the box office as the film is still the fifth-highest ranking movie for drawing in viewers around America. After its first weekend it drew in an amazing $26.5 million at the boxoffice, second only to Liam Neeson's thriller.

Downey, who fans will remember played the angel Monica in the TV series Touched By An Angel, clearly considered that role as more than simply an acting job. Her heart and soul were obviously involved in that project.

But how did she and husband Mark Burnett come up with the idea for this transformational movie " Son of God?"

Roma said the idea for the film came when she and her husband were working on The Bible, the hit television series which aired on the History Channel, last year. Roma said, "We knew we had something very special with the Jesus narrative in the miniseries. And we responded to an overwhelming demand for the greatest story ever told to be sen as a shared experience on the big screen. The result is a beautiful stand-alone movie. It's the story of Jesus for a whole new generation."

Dr. Kenneth Abboussie, an active member of Grace Church in Wichita Falls, Texas, said that his wife Donna and he attended the movie. He further said he recommended that everyone see the movie which covers a vast landscape from the creation of Adam from dirt through Moses and Abraham all the way to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus and his Ascension into heaven.

Legendary evangelist Billy Graham quoted John 14:6 in a recent article, saying that, "Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Graham who has spread the message to millions around the world, said, "The Bible teaches that God is actually three Persons. This is a mystery that we will never be able to understand. The Bible does not teach that there are three Gods....but there is one God. This one God, however, is expressed in three Persons...God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit."

Graham further said that Jesus, who is God's son, "Came to reveal God to men. He told us that God loves us and is interested in our lives. He told us of the mercy and long-suffering and grace of God. He promised life everlasting."

Roma and her husband certainly have accomplished their primary goal of spreading the story of Jesus to millions already through the Bible and now the Son of God. Mark Burnett said he hopes a billion people will eventually see the movie in future years.

Burnett admitted that when his wife first approached him with an idea of doing a project concerning the entire Bible he was a little overwhelmed, thinking the idea was too big. But he now admits Roma was right.

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