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Roma Downey: Movie 'Son of God' teaches next generation

Jesus....portrayed by Diogo Morgado in "Son of God."
Jesus....portrayed by Diogo Morgado in "Son of God."
Son of God trailer

While the movie "Son of God" made $26.5 million in its first weekend at the box office, director Roma Downey believes the fact the film is already being used by parents to teach the younger generation about Jesus is more important, according to an article in the Christian Post today, Tuesday, March 11. The movie finished second to only Liam Neeson's thriller Non-Stop after its first weekend.

Downey, who also plays Mary, mother of Jesus in the movie, said she has already heard stories of parents using the movie as a teaching tool, according to the Blaze recently. She said, "Parents are already using the film as a starter to bring the story of the life of Jesus to children."

Husband Mark Burnett, who co-directed the movie with Downey, said, " The purpose of the film is to spread the message of Jesus Christ among all demographics for years to come. I think it will eventually reach a billion people in the years to come."

Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado agreed the purpose of the film was to spread Jesus to young people. Morgado, who portrayed Jesus in the movie, said that children learn more visually nowadays rather than by the written word. Because of that fact, he also believes it will reach many people of the youngest generations.

Dr. Kenneth Aboussie of Wichita Falls, Tex. said, "It was an excellent movie and everybody should see it. My wife Donna and I saw it."

Aboussie, who is a member of Grace Church, further said, "I especially enjoyed the part about John on the Isle of Patmos when he wrote the book of Revelation. The movie includes the Ascension of Jesus."

The movie opens with the book of John, according to Christian Cinema. According to that positive review of the movie the film begins with the words "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and Word was God."

The film portrays Adam being created from dirt and includes scenes of Noah and Moses in the Old Testament leading up to Jesus.

"I found myself spiritually stirred. The brutality of the crucifixion reminds me of what Christ willingly endured to save the lost," said Dick Rolfe, CEO of the Dove Foundation. The Dove Foundation is committed to creating Christian entertainment.

Rolfe further said, "I strongly recommend everyone go see this movie."

Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, was so impressed by the movie he is using it as a teaching tool for his followers. Warren said, "I've seen most of the Jesus movies over the past 50 years and this is the best."

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