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Roma Downey and Mark Burnett met at hair salon

Roma Downey and Mark at first sight.
Roma Downey and Mark at first sight.

Son of God producer Mark Burnett didn't realize he was going to fall in love one day when he went to a hair salon in Hollywood, according to 100 Huntley Street. But as he looked into the mirror he saw Son of God co-producer Roma Downey reflected from the other side of the room, according to an article in the Christian Post.

He said during the recent interview that he asked the receptionist as he left after his haircut what Roma's name was. When Roma asked the same person the same question about Mark, the salon employee informed her that Burnett had asked the same question about her.

So it was apparently a real life love at first sight moment like one usually sees in the movies that started the partnership which has resulted in the History Channel series "The Bible" and now the movie "Son of God."

Downey had previously appeared in the hit TV movie "Touched By An Angel" for many years as the leading actress. Burnett already had a string of successes that stretched longer than the state of Tennessee. He has produced secular shows such as "Survivor", "The Voice", "Apprentice" and "The Shark Tank".

As great as the love story between Burnett and Downey is, Roma insisted on the June 3 show that the "Bible is a love story. The greatest love story ever told."

Burnett said the idea for "The Bible" mini-series originated with wife Roma. Roma heard there was going to be a documentary about what's wrong with the Bible. She thought to herself, "Why can't someone just do a show on the Bible?"

Roma disclosed she has been a person of faith since childhood. She said she and husband Mark prayed and talked a lot before they decided to undertake the huge enterprise of telling the whole story of the Bible on television.

Burnett said, "We've spent the last five years swimming in an ocean of God and love since we started 'The Bible."'

What was the reception like in Hollywood?

"It's been very positive. People are happy we got off the couch and heard the call to make "The Bible' and then the movie 'Son of God,"' Roma said enthusiastically.

Mark added that the movie "The Son of God is a conversation starter. It's a stand alone movie. It's almost like it gives people an excuse to start talking about God."

Roma concurred, saying, "Kids learn today by visual story telling."

Burnett said, "The movie shows how the disciples were following a charismatic leader Jesus who they only later realized was the true son of God. They had fear. The Romans were sick of the disciples and other Jews and just wanted them to get along and pay taxes. The Temple authorities were against them. It was a triangular situation. The disciples never knew what moment might be their last."

April Hernandez, hostess of the show, has starred on television shows "Person of Interest" and "Dexter". She also appeared in a movie with Hilary Swank.

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett are the wave of the future for spreading the gospel. This is a visual generation.

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