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Rolling Stones' former manager Andrew Oldham will skip Rock Hall induction

Andrew Loog Oldham with the Rolling Stones in the mid-'60s
Andrew Loog Oldham with the Rolling Stones in the mid-'60s
Bob Bonis Photos/Not Fade Away Gallery

Andrew Loog Oldham whose name in the mid-'60s was almost as familiar to hardcore fans of the Rolling Stones as Jones, Jagger, Richards, Watts and Wyman, is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Thusday, April 10th, along with Beatles' manager Brian Epstein as non-performers, but will be a no-show at the ceremony.

As reported in The Los Angeles Times, Oldham speaking at The Berlin School of Creative Leadership last month said: “I think those people basically hijacked the name 'rock 'n' roll, I won't be there. I'll tell you why.... It's a television show. Twenty years ago it was an incredible party in the Waldorf-Astoria where everybody could behave exactly as they could 20 years ago. And then it became a business. I think it's healthier to stay home.”

Last Friday, he tweeted, "Like Brian Epstein i was not consulted as regards this matter & like dear Brian I will not be going." The Beatles manager died in 1967.

Oldham began his career in the music business working with Epstein as a publicist for The Beatles, before discovering The Rolling Stones. He soon became the group's manager along with Eric Easton and was credited as producer of their first wave of hit recordings. He encouraged them to write their own material rather than continuing to exclusively cover American blues and r&b artists.

It is said that Oldham was instrumental in encouraging Jagger and Co. to project a 'bad boy' image in contrast to the more parent-friendly Beatles.

Oldham parted ways with The Rolling Stones in 1967. He is the author of the three installment memoirs: Stoned, 2Stoned and Rolling Stoned.

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