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Rolling Stone reporter compares chance of victory in Afghanistan to losing U.S. drug war


Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings wrote the story that toppled a general and may eventually play a part in helping to change the losing strategy of "Counter-insurgency" in Afghanistan.

Michael Hastings, the Rolling Stone reporter whose story blew the top off of the U.S. command in Afghanistan, appeared on MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show all clean-shaven and sharp, demonstrating the likeness of a journalist whose story and career are on fire.

 "The Runaway General," the scathing story by Michael Hastings forced the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal as commander of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan last week. This week, the repercussions of that same story forced McChrystal's early retirement from the Army.

The accomplishment of his story to exposing a general going rogue, was tonight overshadowed by his conclusions on the situation in Afghanistan, and General McChrystal's own lack of confidence in the effectiveness of the current U.S. strategy of counter-insurgency.

WIKIPEDIA: Counter-insurgency (COIN is a popular acronym) is a military term for the armed conflict against an insurgency by forces aligned with the recognized government of the territory in which the conflict takes place. In the main, the insurgents seek to destroy or erase the political authority of the defending authorities in a population they seek to control, and the counter-insurgent forces seek to protect that authority and reduce or eliminate the supplanting authority of the insurgents.

In other words, instead of declaring war directly, you declare and fight your war indirectly by using your resources and the loss of human lives in the grist mill of war, to prop up a puppet government in hopes of winning over the populace by means of said puppet government.

The problem with puppet governments is that the people can smell them a mile away, because all puppet governments stink of the very government-backed corruption that props them up and maintains their power.

In his interview with host Rachel Maddow, Hastings compared the futility of trying to stop corruption in Afghanistan to the futility of fighting the War on Drugs on U.S. soil and at a cost of billions of taxpayer dollars per year.

HASTINGS: No. No, it's a joke...Trying to stop corruption in Afghanistan is like trying to stop the drug war here. I think we should choose our battles wisely and not waste our resources.

Wise words from the hated liberal media, and a real economic recovery plan that could work. Stop two wars that are wasting precious American lives and burying with them huge sums of taxpayer money. Stop two wars that we can ill-afford, and neither with little hope of victory. Stop two wars in which even the definition of victory are equally ill-defined. Stop two losing battles that we are losing badly and at tremendous cost.

Wise words wasted on conservatively, hawkish deaf ears.

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  • malcolm kyle 5 years ago

    The war on drugs is a tale of a once great and free nation which fell down a rat hole into a fantasy world riddled with peculiar and dystopian logic.

    No amount of money, police powers, weaponry, wishful thinking or pseudo-science will make our streets safe again; only an end to prohibition can do that. How much longer are we willing to foolishly risk our own survival by continuing to ignore the obvious, historically confirmed solution?

    If you support prohibition then you're doing nothing but helping evolve local gangs into transnational enterprises with intricate power structures that reach into every corner of society, controlling vast swaths of territory with significant social and military resources at their disposal.

  • Michael O 5 years ago

    Stopping Hitler was a bad idea as well. Keeping the Butcher of Baghdad in power and able to slaughter millions is what all liberals want. We know, they sent their bus loads of imbeciles to protect him. More traitors like the democrats that voted for war, then turned against our president, our country, and most importantly, our soldiers, is what's needed ... to destroy this country from within. As to Afghanistan ... they supported OBL and they helped murder more people the at Pearl Harbor. Be ashamed of yourself!

  • Kirk Muse 5 years ago

    The drug war is a huge bureaucracy and industry. All bureaucracies want more power and more money.

    The drug-war bureaucracy is no exception.

    The only way to achieve victory in the so called drug war is to re-legalize all of our now illegal drugs so they can be sold in licensed, regulated and taxed businesses.

    Victory is not the goal of the drug war. Victory in the drug war would mean that the drug war bureaucracy is out of business.

    Victory in the drug-war would mean that our robust prison building industry would come to a screeching halt.

    Victory in the drug-war would mean that thousands of so-called drug warriors would be looking for a job or working at quickie marts.

  • Swooper 5 years ago

    MichaelO - your comments are over the top... you misrepresent liberals or anyone that doesn't agree with your narrow point of view.

    Prohibition is a failure. Always has been, always will be. The Nimrods in DC need to pull their heads out of their anal orifices and end the disastrous 70 year war on drugs.

  • Malcolm kyle 5 years ago

    If you support prohibition then you're doing nothing but helping evolve local gangs into transnational enterprises with intricate power structures that reach into every corner of society, controlling vast swaths of territory with significant social and military resources at their disposal.

    Under proper legalized regulation, most drug users will not be scoring from criminal street dealers but will instead obtain their drugs from licensed retailers, specialist" pharmacists, or, in the case of verified medical conditions, by prescription. Drugs prohibition will likely be replaced with a system of regulated and controlled markets. Government regulation and control, not the free for all we have at present, will be the norm once more.

  • Malcolm kyle 5 years ago

    Pragmatic libertarians (minimal-statists) and "true" Conservatives agree that many, if not most, of society's problems are caused by government usurping choices that could better be made by individuals and that government is just about the worst way of doing almost anything. Where libertarianism normally parts company with "fake" conservatism is over moral issues. But a true conservative would have no problem with agreeing, that what people do with their own bodies, and especially in the privacy of their own home, should be supremely their business, and that anything else would entail ignoring the basic tenet of limited government.

    During alcohol prohibition in the 1920s, all profits went to enrich thugs and criminals. Young men died every day on inner-city streets while battling over turf. A fortune was wasted on enforcement that could have gone on treatment. On top of the budget-busting prosecution and incarceration costs, billions in taxes were lost. Finally the economy collapsed

  • malcolm kyle 5 years ago

    The whole point, is that prohibition causes massive crime and suffering, causes government/police corruption, causes America to have the highest prison population of any country in the history of the planet, causes Americans to lose all their rights and all their true values, causes the waste of trillions in taxpayer dollars, causes wars, causes violence and death in other countries, causes America to be hated by other countries, funds criminals, funds terrorists, causes the people who use drugs to be instant criminals who have to spend 100x the money for an inferior, adulterated, impure, unmeasured and thus unsafe product. Drug prohibition was started as a policy of racism and it perpetuates racism to this very day.

    Wake up guys! The prisons are bursting! The police are corrupt! Most of you are not even safe in your own homes anymore! The whole country is on the verge of total financial collapse!

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