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Rolling Rock Raceway MX Boot Camp 2013

Boot Camp is a strict disciplined military training camp used to prepare new recruits for the battles of war. MX Boot Camp is an organized training camp for young motocrosser used to prepare them for a different kind of battle. Their battle is to win races. As different as these two are there are things that are similar.

Kyle Weller
Kyle WellerGlen C Hoffman
The sleeping quarters at this boot camp were much more sophisticated then at a military boot camp.
The sleeping quarters at this boot camp were much more sophisticated then at a military boot camp.Glen C Hoffman

In order to accomplish a win in motocross a rider must first learn the basics of the fight, much like a new soldier. The basics of this fight however is controlling your bike through corners and over obstacles on different types of terrain surfaces. Cornering is where the Rolling Rock Raceway MX Boot Camp trainers had their riders start during the first day of this two day camp. They felt if a rider did not have the proper techniques entering and exiting a turn they would have more difficulty clearing the jumps they were going to have them practice the next day.

Most young racers like the ones in attendance at this training camp would of rather raced around with their buddies seeing who could hit the biggest jump or win a mini moto racing the entire course on their pit bikes. But this is "boot camp" or at least as close to a boot camp as you're going to get for two days of riding at this quality motocross facility. This meant these racers were going to be put to the test. At least on the bikes anyway. You see there were no push ups, jumping jacks or screaming drill sergeants like you'd find at a typical boot camp but these riders were made to repeat the same corners more times then any drill sergeant has ever made any soldier clean his weapon. And if you or anyone you know was ever in a military boot camp you'll know that that is more times than anyone ever wants to repeat anything. However repetition is what makes a rider better (as long as the proper riding techniques are being used) and these trainers know this and were doing their best to instill these qualities into ever rider who participated.

Even with the strict schedule laid out there was still time for these racers to rest between sessions as well as time to put in some laps at their own pace which made these two day enjoyable for everyone. And just like in the military there was always chow except this chow was not just edible it was desirable.

With the success of this years Rolling Rock Raceway MX Boot Camp there is no doubt that these riders have improved there skills and will be back for next year's boot camp.