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'Rollin' coal': A new and dangerous trend of blowing exhaust fumes on people

As seen on "Inside Edition" on Monday, Rollin' coal is a new, dangerous and stupid trend that has made its way on the road. Rollin' coal is a shocking new prank that deliberately leaves pedestrians and other motorists covered in thick black exhaust fumes. A truck rigged to expel the exhaust fumes drives up beside motorcyclists or pedestrians.

In the video shown on "Inside Edition," you could hear someone ask, "Do you smoke?" When the person says, "No," someone from the truck says, "Now you do!" And seconds later, a big gust of black smoke covers the person.

"Inside Edition" said this prank started recently, but it has been seen on several YouTube videos that have been posted of the senseless prank. In one video, a woman was walking when she was blasted with the smoke. Another video showed a truck intentionally bombarding cyclists on a mountain road and a motorcyclist gets a face full too.

Mechanic Steve Schillizzi showed Les Trent of "Inside Edition" how a pickup truck's engine can be modified to blow off clouds of exhaust fumes by simply turning a knob. Truck owners have specially rigged their diesel engines to shoot out clouds of sooty black smoke anytime they want. In fact, Trent drove behind his truck to get a personal demonstration and said, "You don't want to be riding a bike down the street on a bike when something like that happens." According to ABC News, some owners spend anywhere from $500 to $5,000 to rig their trucks.

Lauren Fix of “The Car Coach,” says Rollin' Coal isn't funny. She calls it's downright dangerous and a ridiculous way of polluting the atmosphere. She noted that it is a health hazard that's very dangerous to others. She emphasized that this prank is absolutely immature. She concluded that this is a stupid trend that hopefully will end quickly.

Some people have taken the prank further by sticking their heads directly into the path of the exhaust so they can inhale the fumes. It is believed that the prank is a protest against tough air pollution laws. Find out what CNN says about this prank in the video above.

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