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‘Rollers of the Realm developer: The game is ‘a labor of love’

Developer behind Atlus’ upcoming pinball/RPG adventure explains how the unique concept for the game was formed.

‘Rollers of the Realm developer: The game is ‘a labor love’-slide0
‘Roller of the Realm developer: The game is ‘a labor love’

Indie development company Phantom Compass is all about turning lemons in lemonade.

Or taking a crazy concept that no one has ever tried before and making it a reality.

Their upcoming game, “Rollers of the Realm,” is a pinball/RPG experience designed by a team of developers that banded together after being laid off from another company.

The rest, they say, is history.

Or a multi-year experience of making a game they originally thought would take six months to complete. Garnering critical acclaim at this year’s GDC and E3, the extra work has proven to be well-worth it. Although a lot has changed since the idea first began to take shape, the team at Phantom Compass said their hearts were in the right place throughout the development process.

“Phantom Compass was a very small indie developer back in 2011 when the game was conceived. We formed a project team with a group of laid off staff from Silicon Knights. Our goal was to work on a six-month project for XBLA and in doing so bring out the best of our indie and triple-A development experience,” Tony Walsh, Founder and Executive Producer, Phantom Compass told Examiner in an e-mail interview today. “In our first or second meeting we had about a dozen folks brainstorming on weird ideas and came up with pinball RPG. We thought it would be easy to produce a ball-physics game, and we are all huge RPG nerds, so it was a good fit. The first iteration of the game was actually built in 2D on the XNA framework. Once we built the prototype we knew we had something really unique and rebuilt the entire project in Unity 3d. It became a multi-year labor of love.”

“Rollers of the Realm” is set for a Holiday 2014 release on the PlaySation Vita, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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