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‘Rollers of the Realm’ developer talks gameplay

‘Rollers of the Realm’ developer talks gameplay-slide0

Developer behind Atlus’ upcoming pinball/RPG adventure explains how it will all work.

‘Rollers of the Realm’ developer talks gameplay

Pinball games and RPGs don’t exactly go together like peanut butter and jelly, but Toronto-based developers Phantom Compass and veteran publisher Atlus will have a few tricks up their sleeves this upcoming holiday season. Featuring simple pick-up-and-play gameplay and a story that any RPG fan will appreciate, “Rollers of the Realm” will be a unique title, but it’ll be an accessible one as well.

“If you can play pinball, you can play ‘Rollers of the Realm,’” Tony Walsh, Founder and Executive Producer, Phantom Compass told Examiner in an e-mail interview today. “It's got the fast-paced physics of arcade machines at its core—we've had good feedback on our physics during the many play tests we've done over the years. I don't know if it will please all pinball purists, but anyone looking for a really unusual twist will get a kick out of this game. The intersection with RPG is pretty wild. We use pinball as a metaphor for combat and exploration.”

Games the likes of “Child of Light” have proven that new genre mash-ups can be successful, while the bevy of independent titles on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita have Walsh and his team confident that the game will be success. With a full cast of characters, voice acting and a full soundtrack, “Rollers of the Realm” will feel “much bigger,” according to Walsh. Taking advantage of classic pinball gameplay, Phantom Compass have leveraged both genres against one another, creating what they believe will be a fun experience.

“Each pinball board is a scene in our story and every pinball is a hero character. You build a party over time, adding pinballs to your roster,” Walsh added. “You can hot-swap characters while you play—each has a set of abilities (even sizes and weights) and a special power. As you bounce around the board, you accumulate mana. This is used to fire off your special power. The Rogue's power is summoning her dog as a multiball (she also pickpockets villagers); the Knight's power is partially covering the sewer with a shield. As you battle on each board, your flippers may become damaged by the enemies in each scene. You can heal those with a Healer character. There's a progression system: you can buy items in a shop based on your party level with gold you collect during the story.

“At its core, ‘Rollers of the Realm’ is an epic character-driven story combining drama, humor and pinball action.”

“Rollers of the Realm” is set for a Holiday 2014 release on the PlaySation Vita, PlayStation 4 and PC.