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Rollerblader Chris Haffey Breaks The World Record for Longest Jump

Chris Haffey warming up for his long distance world record jump
Chris Haffey warming up for his long distance world record jump
Guillaume Coutret (Photo is owned by

Nowadays, when families and friends go to the local skatepark all they mainly watch are skateboarders and bikers. On any given day of the week, the public might see a select group of rollerbladers rolling around at Texas skateparks such as Lewisville Skatepark, Eisenberg's Skatepark, or Allen Skatepark. In an effort to bring the community of aggressive inline skaters together, local rollerbladers usually arrange a "Thursday Night Skate" session in which all the inline skaters get together and have fun at the skatepark "pick of the week." It seems as if ever since rollerblading got dropped from the X Games in 2005, participation numbers of the sport have dwindled down tremendously. Well guess what happened today in an effort to expose this underground phenomena that has erupted?

Professional rollerblader, Chris Haffey, from the United States broke the world record for longest jump ever done on inline skates. That is right ladies and gentlemen, Chris swamped skateboarding by landing the longest launch ever done off a mega ramp. He flew a whopping 30m in the air and landed successfully on skates! The event took place at an extreme sports showcase called AIR F.I.S.E in Marsielle, France. After the celebration was over, Chris Haffey states "Been getting an incredible amount of love and support for the record... just wanted to say it means a lot to me that so many people are standing behind me on this one even though I didn't get to lace it as cleanly as I would have liked to! Thank you so much to everyone!" Now, the only question left is "When will inline street and half-pipe competitions be included again in mainstream action sports events, such as the X Games in the United States?"

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