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Roller Skate party for Adults at Lakeside Center at Prospect Park

Shake, Shimmy and skate your way to a fun time
Shake, Shimmy and skate your way to a fun time
CTSY Lola Starr Dreamland

For the entire month of August Lola Star is bringing her zany, 70's and 80's inspired Roller Dance parties to Lakeside at Prospect Park. Every Friday night in July and August from 8pm-10pm there will be a disco or 80's themed dance party for people 21 and over. (Sorry 18-20 year olds) Admission is $15 and that covers skate rental and admission.

This isn't a silly event, I walked over to Prospect Park a couple of weeks ago to watch the first party and by my count there was over 150 people there. When you add the music and all the costumes, I'm talking the "Flash Dance" leggings, the leather vests even 80's cutoff shorts and the music to match it provided by a live DJ it was better than most night clubs because almost everybody is active and participating in dance or skate . T

That's a lot of what makes it fun, everyone is engaged at one time or another because its rollerskating and music. It's an absolute bash, it was pure 80's fun because even if you can't dance a lick, you can skate around and nod your heat to the rhythm or sit down at the nearby Bluestone Cafe which serves alcohol along with food for Lola's party (more on that later) Granted there are always a handful of people that skate and dance so well on that they are a marvel to see and you just stand there momentarily mesmerized. That's okay because about every 30 minutes or so there is a slight break in the rink action to draw everyone to the middle of the ring for a featured dancer or dance offs. How good is that?!

.Another added feature to Lola Star is that Bluestone Cafe now offers beer and wine which is why the party is for 21 and over. At the beginning of August Lakeside mezzanine level will offer an outdoor bar. Bluestone's facilities also has standout food, from ice cream from Blue Marble here in Brooklyn to Country Hill's chicken offerings to vegetarian options. Right now there are outdoor tables outside to sit back and watch the action and listen to the music.

It's pretty easy to get to the Friday dance parties, take the Q train to either Prospect Park or Parkside Avenue. There is an excellent restaurant/bar to visit after the party at MangoSeed at 757 Flatbush Avenue on the corner of Clarkson Street one block south of Parkside and Flatbush. Great flights of rum, (that's tasting aged rums from throughout the caribbean for those who don't know) excellent food and good vibes with backyard seating. For later hours visit local bar and restaurant Lincoln Park Tavern at 49 Lincoln Road right next to Prospect Park subway with decent food, and nice local pub scene.