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Roller coaster stranded: Cheetah coaster stuck, 16 ride goers safely evacuated

Cheetah Hunt roller coaster image
Cheetah Hunt roller coaster image
Twitter Photo File, Coaster Buzz

A roller coaster stranded a number of passengers this week on the Cheetah Hunt ride at Busch Gardens, though all 16 stuck roller coaster goers were safely evacuated. The usually stable amusement ride was said to have screeched to a halt on its way up the very first big hill, and was unable to be moved until rescue crews arrived. MSN News shares this Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014, that the exact cause of the incident has not been verified at this time, though maintenance teams are currently looking into the issue.

The roller coaster stranded no less than 16 people this Wednesday. The Cheetah Hunt ride at the classic Busch Gardens venue in Tampa, Florida, was said to suddenly stop its normal functioning yesterday afternoon. The park site took to Twitter to post an update on the roller coaster getting stuck at roughly 6 p.m., noting that an investigation into the matter was underway.

A Busch Gardens Park spokesman revealed in an official announcement this week that the Cheetah Hunt roller coaster had come to an abrupt halt shortly before 2:35 p.m. on the very first embankment of the popular ride. It failed to reach the primary launch track or even ascend its initial big hill. Fortunately, there were no injuries cited among the 16 stranded passengers rescued from the roller coaster.

Although maintenance workers were said to attempt to slowly move the coaster car (which was already in midair on the tracks) back into the docking station, they were unable to shift it far back enough for the ride goers to safely depart. At that point, park officials opted to call in for professional help from the Tampa Fire Rescue.

Added the press release on the roller coaster stranded story, Cheetah Hunt ride workers are still attempting to figure out this Thursday just what exactly led the ride to suddenly malfunction. The ride will remain closed until the issue is resolved and made safe again. At this time, there is no estimated date when the Florida Busch Gardens attraction will be reopening for excited park goers.