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Roller coaster stranded: Busch Gardens' Cheetah Hunt ride remains closed

Roller coaster stranded at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL
Roller coaster stranded at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL
Tampa Fire Rescue Twitter

A roller coaster stranded at Busch Gardens in Florida prompted an investigation after the popular "Cheetah Hunt" ride shut down without notice on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014.

Video: Roller coaster stranded at Busch Gardens

Fox News reports that the incident was traced to a problem with one of the carts. On Wednesday, park officials told FOX 13's reporter Steve Nichols that the ride would reopen on Thursday. Instead, the ride remains closed until manufacturers perform a thorough investigation.

On Wednesday, the roller coaster shut down unexpectedly, leaving 15 passengers stranded at the top.

Busch Gardens spokesman Travis Claytor told the New York Daily News,"Just after 2:30, one of the cars stopped just outside the station. It stopped after an initial launch."

Park officials reportedly tried to fix the problem prior to calling Tampa Fire Rescue to get the stranded passengers off the ride.

Tampa Fire Rescue used a crane from a ladder truck to get the passengers off the roller coaster. All 15 people stranded were taken off the ride shortly after 6 p.m., almost 4 hours after the ride stopped.

The park announced the riders were safely evacuated just after 6 p.m. Officials from Busch Gardens followed up with a tweet, confirming that there were no injuries aboard the stranded roller coaster.

"Busch Gardens and Tampa Fire Rescue have safely evacuated 16 riders off of Cheetah Hunt. No injuries have been reported."

There is no word at this time as to when the Cheetah Hunt ride will reopen.

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